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ABA002301795001.jpg.jpgLetter, to Nuri Bey, from St. Paul's Collegiate Institute, concerning blackmail against investigation of blackmailers recommendations on having the schoolAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1929-10-11
ABA100028001.jpg.jpgLetter, Luther R. Fowle, E. White, letters and note concerning expulsion of staff, from MerzifonAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1928
ABA100018001.jpg.jpgLetter, Charlotte Willard, William W. Peet, Letters about girls' school openingAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1924-08-09
ABA100006001.jpg.jpgLetter, Christian Workers' Union correspondenceAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1922; 1924
ABANEMEI057593001.jpg.jpg1938 discussion concerning closure of Merzifon School, 1928 letters from C.R. Willard to Dr. Goodsell (Merzifon), 1924 discussion on seculaization (laic) and religious education, 1923 - 1924 discussion of updating schools' firmans to Turkish Republic acceptance, American Girls School, Merzifon history, 1929 Fowle to Willard, Merzifon course of study, 1928 inspectorsAmerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board). Office of the Treasurer1923-12-06; 1934-05-19
ABANEMEI033327001.jpg.jpgProperty mostly Merzifon, Aintab, Harpoot, Sivas, proposals regarding sale or rental 1925 - 1930Amerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1924-08-22; 1930-02-06
ABA132C041001.jpg.jpgEnvelope, N.E.R. file, 1920-1921Amerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1920; 1921
ABA109217001.jpg.jpgNear East Relief, Individual Remittances, 1921-1922Amerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1921; 1922
ABANEM02400101.jpg.jpgMerzifon (1923, 1938-1939)Amerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1923-11-01; 1941-03-17
ABA10922001000.jpg.jpgNear East Relief, General and relief, 1921-1923Amerikan Bord Heyeti (American Board)1921; 1923
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