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ACRGVDIV00071.jpg.jpgThe Administration of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations. Towards Rethimnis Prefecture: shipment of a document.-1913-05-15
ACRGVDIV00057.jpg.jpgPays Bas (Holland) General Consulate in Greece, Protection of Ottoman Interests. Towards Mufti, Canée, Crete: The consul had received lists of Ottoman citizens in prison in Candie and in Rethimno and expresses his support to his humanistic efforts.-1922-12-04
ACRGVDIV00045.jpg.jpgGeneral Administration of Crete. To Rethimnis Council of the Muslim Elders: the General Commander P. Papalekas, answering to a letter, writes that they should find and punish the guilty persons.-1921-07-15
ACRGVDIV00032.jpg.jpgRethimnis office of the translator to Rethimnis ierodikin: shipment of a document in Arabic send by the representative of Egypt the translator asks the recipient to translate it into Turkish.-1913-01-14
Rethymno mufti sends a list of the writing material used by the Foundations.-1917-12-04; 1920-06-10
ACRGVDIV00009.jpg.jpgLetter of Rethymno prefect to the administration of Rethymno Muslim Foundations: We send you a copy of the telegram from the Hospital of Dedeagats (Dedeağaç). Please inform the family of the person mentioned on it.-1923-03-10
ACRGVDIV00062.jpg.jpgSupreme Administration of Education and of Justice. Towards Rethimnis Ierodikin: shipment of a document.-1900-08-21
ACRGVDIV00058.jpg.jpgTowards the Rethimnis Ierodikin: the Rethimnis Prefect asks him to ask the Muslim servants to keep also this year the registers of the new births and to give them to the municipality authorities when they will be asked.-1916-04-06
ACRGVDIV00005.jpg.jpgLetter of the prefect of Rethymno to Muslim Council of Elders asking for the reasons of dismissal of the muezzins mentioned in the document no. 536 dispatched by Muslim Council of Elders, who in the present time fulfill their army duties.-1919-02-06
ACRGVDIV00063.jpg.jpgAdministration of Justice asked Rethimnis Ierodikin to explain something.-1901-01-17
The Mouftis asks the Public Prosecutor of Rethimnis according to the law No 434 concerning the Muslim Community, to force Housein Rialaki to appear at Court in order to examine the law suit of his wife concerning the alowance for their child.-1916-06-21
ACRGVDIV00042.jpg.jpgRethimnis Prefect informs the Moufti Rethimnis that the Provisional Government of E. Venizelos and P. Koudouriotis asks all authorities to continue to serve as they used to.-1916-09-14
ACRGVDIV00006.jpg.jpgLetter of the prefect of Rethymno to the directorate of Muslim Council of Elders concerning the provision of booklets to families for the distribution of bread.-1922-12-14
ACRGVDIV00064.jpg.jpgTowards the Mayor of Prases Village, Eparchy of Rethimnou: the Director of Administration of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations sends a document and asks him to have it bill posted.-1922-08-03
ACRGVDIV00052.jpg.jpgTo the Supreme Administration of Crete: The mouftis sends a list of the writing material needed by the Foundation from 1913 to 1914.-1913-09-16
ACRGVDIV00047.jpg.jpgTo Rethimnis Prefect: the Mouftis sends a list of the writing material used by the Foundation during the last 4 months.-1916-02-20
ACRGVDIV00040.jpg.jpgRethimnis Prefect asks the Moufti Rethimnis to inform him the same day about the exact number of the people serving at the foundation.-1917-06-12
ACRGVDIV00027.jpg.jpgRethimnis Mouftis states that he is the only Mouftis in the Prefecture of Rethimno Moutevelides are Mehmet Ali Oudiazades, and Alige, widow of Mustafa Kilitagade (?) Director of Council of Rethimnis Muslim Elders is Housnis Selimefekakis.-1919-06-10
ACRGVDIV00017.jpg.jpgRethymno mufti transmits a document the head of the garisson by Council of Rethymno Muslim Elders concerning the administration of the Muslim Foundations.-1919-02-26
Envelope to the Council of Muslim Elders of Rethymno of the General Administration of Crete.--
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