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ACRGVDIV00001.jpg.jpgThe municipality of Rethymno demands that the directorate of Muslim Religious Foundations of Rethymno orders the grave diggers not to bury anyone without the permission from the municipality.-1906-01-20
ACRGVDIV00055.jpg.jpgAdministration of Rethimnis Muslim Religious Foundations. Towards Rethimnis Prefecture: The Director sends a decision document by the Council to be signed by the Prefect.-1915-06-21
ACRGVDIV00048.jpg.jpgTo Rethimnis Prefecture: the Mouftis asks for the explanation of Document No 375.-1915-11-04
ACRGVDIV00036.jpg.jpgTo Rethimnis Holy Court (Ierodikion). Rethimnis Mayor Papadakis(?) asks for lists of the Muslim men born between the 1st of January 1915 and the end of December 1917.-1918-09-19
Application to the General Administration of Crete by Housni Tselepaki. The General Commander S. Krokkidas asks the Rethimnis Prefect the recipient to inform Housni Tselepaki, Bailiff at the Holy Court that he has not the right to receive an allowance.-1918-07-06; 1918-11-09
ACRGVDIV00061.jpg.jpgHakan-ı mualla-ı hilafetten infisal eden Hakan Mehmed ve Vahideddin Efendi'nin yerine hutbelerde Halife Müşarünileyh Abdülmecid Efendi'nin nam name-i hilafetpenahilerinin yad edilmesi hususunda Resmo Müftüsü ve Naib Vekili'nin yazısı.-1922-11-17
ACRGVDIV00059.jpg.jpgIerodikion of Rethimnis. Towards the Rethimnis Prefecture: the Rethimnis Ierodikis and Muftis sends a list of the writing material used by the Foundation the last 4 months.-1916-02-20
Answering to a previous document the mouftis writes that the concerned person is mentioned as 'Halifes', however, he is not recognized as imamis or hojas by the Holy Court.-1917-05-29
ACRGVDIV00046.jpg.jpgTo Rethimnis Prefect: the Mouftis informs that he has not received the 3579/1666 document concerning the births.-1916-04-12
ACRGVDIV00038.jpg.jpgTo Rethimnis Moufti: The under Minister Al. Grivas informs that they took care of the case (?).-1918-07-03
ACRGVDIV00011.jpg.jpgTowards the manager of the administration of Rethymno Muslim Foundations: The mayor of Rethymno asks him to announce the orders he has received and to cater for the cleanliness of the toilets at location Vrysalakia.-1903-05-05
ACRGVDIV00050.jpg.jpgLerodikio of Rethimnis Prefecture. To the Directorate of Rethimnis Translators' Office: Mouftis sends an application by Lawyer Petrou D. Manousaki in Greek and asks for it to be translated into Turkish in order to be examined at the Holy Court.-1915-01-27
ACRGVDIV00022.jpg.jpgRethimnis Mouftis states that according to the notes of the Holy Court there are 36 religious servants in the cami and teke of Rethimnis.-1917-07-16
ACRGVDIV00020.jpg.jpgRethymno mufti, answering to a relevant question, informs that the Ewkaf and other Muslim foundations are administered by the Council of the Muslim Elders according to the relevant law of the Cretan State.-1919-10-05
ACRGVDIV00016.jpg.jpgRethymno mufti asks for information about the jurisdiction of the Holy Court as far wills etc. are concerned.-1919-03-02
Plaintiff: The administration of Rethymno Muslim Foundations, represented by its manager Kiami Ef. (Efendi) Veisagadakis, and Hatem Selibegopoula, widow of Housein Giahgiadakis, manager of ewkaf lands which are dedicated to the Mosque Kara Mousa Pasa (Paşa).-1908-05-30
ACRGVDIV00051.jpg.jpgThe Mouftis sends the Supreme General Administration of Crete a list of the writing material needed by the Foundation from 1914 to 1915.-1914-10-25
ACRGVDIV00033.jpg.jpgRethimnis Office of the Translator to Rethimnis ierodikin: shipment of the application by Hatijes Arazouhaljopoulas, daughter of Resit Arjouhaljidaki against Housein Pervanaki, translated from Greek to Turkish.-1912-07-16
ACRGVDIV00030.jpg.jpgTo the President of Rethimnis Muslim Community Rethimnis prefect informs him that the General Commander of the island asked him to thank sincerely the Muslim Community for sending condolences for the death of King George.-1913-03-14
ACRGVDIV00028.jpg.jpgRethimnis Mouftis informs the Prefect that he received the document No 2/1 of the 16th of September 1916 and he is going to act according to it.-1916-09-17
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