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ACRGVM00053.jpg.jpgThe Recruitment Office of Crete to the Moufti of Rethimnis. Varnavas asks him to confirm the certificate presented by Mehmetefedaki Hasan of Moustafa for him to be excused and asks if Hiehis Selabadakis Ivraim of Neim that signs document is really a Hiehis.-1918-01-22
Rethimnis Prefect informs the Moufti Rethimnis that the Office of Recruitment supports that Muslim Councils and Holy Courts present a very large number of employees at the Religious Foundations for them to escape the recruitment.-1918-05-13
ACRGVM00013.jpg.jpgRethimnis Mouftis informs the Office of Recruitment that Hiehis of Kandridon and Halvetidon gave by mistake wrong information about the Teke of Kandridon and Halveidon and forgot to state that the Teke is at the same time serving as a Holy Temple.-1918-05-23
Rethimnis Mouftis sends to the Crete Recruitment Office a list with all the employees in the Muslim temples and tekes declared by the Hiehides and the Director of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations-1918-01-25
Rethimnis Mouftis, answering to a relevant question by the Office of Recruitment, provides some information about the religious servants at the Tekedes.-1918-01-15
ACRGVM00039.jpg.jpgThe Committee for helping the families of the soldiers from Rethimnis asks if the soldier Hasan Regouzakis of Housein had really divorced his wife Elfiye Regouzaki and when.-1918-10-09
ACRGVM00024.jpg.jpgThe Office of Recruitment asks Rethimnis Mouftis if the appointment of a moufti is for a lifetime and the Mouftis answers that it is not but a moufti has the possibility to stay moufti for a lifetime.-1918-01-20
ACRGVM00056.jpg.jpgThe Recruitment Office of Crete to the Moufti of Rethimnis. M. Varnavas asks for a name list of the Hiehides and all the other employees at the Religious Muslim Foundations.-1918-01-11
Mouhgedin Likakis or Hakibabazade (Hakibabadakis(?)) Hiehis of the Teke of Kadridon informs Rethimnis Muftis that he decided release Mehmed Sirrolikaki or Hakibabakis from position of his Halife and to appoint Mehmet Mehmetefendakis of Ali in his place.-1918-05-08
Letter of the President of the Muslim Council of Rethimnis, Housni Selimefendakis, to the Garrison Captain that the Council may dispose for the needs of the Army the Muslim Boys' School, the Profession School and Kioutsouk Haji Ivraim Aga Mosque.-1919-02-25; 1919-02-26
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