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Caminin malı olup belediyeden yıkılması istenilen 3 mahzenin yıkılmaması hususunda Resmo İhtiyar Meclisi'nin protestosunu belirten takrir. Resmo Kumandan-ı Mutasarrıfı Mösyö Şustak Canibleri'ne gönderilmiştir. [13 Nisan 1318]-1902-04-13; 1902-04-26
ACRGVC00008.jpg.jpgTowards the President of the Government. The director of Rethymno Muslim Foundations Vetzih Hatzidakis complains for the attacks against the Muslims and reports that in a short time 9 people had been murdered.-1921-11-01
ACRGVC00006.jpg.jpgTowards the prefecture: The director of administration of Rethymno Muslim Foundations complains that Rethymno municipality started collecting the garbage next to the new Muslim cemetery and burning it there making it impossible for the people to stand it.-1922-07-02
ACRGVC00009.jpg.jpgTowards Rethymno gendarmerie: The director of Rethymno Muslim Foundations complains that the inspector of education is trying to attach the residence which is used as station in Voliones village for 2 reasons: 1) In order to attach illegally a residence that is ewkaf property, belongs to the administration and turn it into Christian school and 2) in order to leave the Muslims of the village without the protection of the station of the gendarmerie.-1921-10-05
ACRGVC00005.jpg.jpgThe director of the administration of Rethymno Muslim Foundations asks Vasil. Batzalis-Stauromenou / at Stauromenos(?) to pass by because Selimefendakis supports that the olive oil he sent to his shop was not clear and therefore he is not paying to the administration the money for it.-1922-07-04
ACRGVC00004.jpg.jpgTowards the director of the Rethymno Muslim Foundations: The Rethymno prefect informs that the Pigi station master ordered Ioannis Mathioudakis to stop doing his illegal actions or he would be imprisoned.-1915-05-14
ACRGVC00007.jpg.jpgPrefect G. Galanis sends to administration of Rethymno Muslim Foundations the document no. 16388/9161 of General Administration of Crete: General Commander of Crete K. Tsaldaris informs Muslims that administration received their complains and took measures.-1921-11-20
Towards Rethymno prefect and towards the minister of Religion and of Public Education: The president of the Muslim Elders complains that buildings of the Muslim schools are going to be occupied by the navy.-1921-09-02
Towards the President of the Government and the Ministers of Religions, Internal Affairs and of Transportations: Representing the Muslim Greek Community of Rethymno.-1922-03-19
Letter from the Rethymno Council of Muslim Elders to the president of the Greek Government, reporting the violent murder of three Muslim males of Rethymno by Christians (on 1-3-1921 and 29-5-1921).-1921-05-31
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