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The Tekke's Mutevelli Ivraim Baba Afendakakis states at Muslim Council of Elders that he had sold a field located in the site of the Teke at the periphery of the village and belonging to the Wakf, to Nikol. Sakelaridin, estate.-1900-10-09
Muslim Council of Elders decision concerning the sale of a metoch assigned to the Mosque Findiki Haji Mehmet Pahia for a sum of 1100 ikosafranga to the mayors, Pandelis Hajimanolakis, Konst. Malinos, Anagnostis Yeorganakis and Pavlos Anagnostakis.-1901-02-26
ACIEVPR00068.jpg.jpgStatement of Nikolaou Saklabanaki that he offers a higher bid of 5%from the final offer at the public auction held on the 8th of July 1901 concerning the leasing of meat-selling shops, for the leasing of the shop located at the Market of Avdourahman Pasa.-1901-07-11
ACIEVPR00074.jpg.jpgApplication of Rasidaki, merchant, to the Director of Muslim Council of Elders, offering the sum of 165 drahmes for the purchase of half a masoura of water, which was temporarily validated at the public auction to Antoniou Kapetanaki.-1901-11
Application of I. Loulakis to the Director of the Ewkaf of Irakliou offering an increased price of 3% for the deserted shop located at the Market Vezir of Irakliou sold at auction.-1901-11-09
Menufac kazası, Protorya Kariyesi'nde sakinken vefat eden Ali İslamaki'nin geride bıraktığı Nuri adlı yetiminin vasisine merkumun mutasarrıf gayr-i menkul emlakin iltizama verilmesi hususunda mezuniyet verilmesine dair alınan karar.-1901-10-24
The Council accepts the proposition made by the Director of the Iraklio Muslim Foundations to sell the farms out of Mavrakia Village through auction highest bid by Em. Giannadaki (91 dr.)-1905-12-08
ACIEVPR00022.jpg.jpgProceeidings of auction for the estates of the orphans of Jemali Yusufaki located at the periphery of the village Vourvouliti of the District Kenouriou.-1904-10-25
ACIEVPR00152.jpg.jpgCity of Crete, Municitality of Irakliou. Towards the Administration of the Egkafiou Irakliou. The fountains at the mosques are in bad condition and large amounts of water are spoilt.-1903-03-19
Irakliou Muslim Elders of decision no 272: Emmanouil Petuxakis will pay 12 eikosafragka for leasing a land throught auction.-1901-05-07
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