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Hanya Ağa Camii Mahallesi'ne sakin olup rüşdiyetini iddia eden Mehmed Efendi ibn-i İsmail Bektaşaki'nin Mahkeme-i Şeride açtığı dava ilamı. [21 Recep 1316]-1898-12-05
ACIEVC00024.jpg.jpgRural policeman of the periphery of Gournion (signs in Ottoman Housein Imamaki ?) informs Irakliou Evkaf that at Gournia Monofatsiou Village there are some lands left by the late Katem Mousadaki, and that damages had been made to them by several animal.-1912-07-04
Towards Irakliou Director of the high school. Writer (Kousalas?) reports that Director of the Second Greek School Ad. Aratakis, forces the Ottoman girls to open their hair while in school and Ad. Aratakis asks to have him informed that such a thing is against the Muslim religion and the parents of the children are complaining.-1903-10-13
The Mayor I. Spiridas informs the Director of Council of the Iraklio Muslim Elders that Nikolaos Karpathios didn't take up the Evkaf residence at Keramoutsi without permission but with the permission of the Elders of Keramoutsi and Melek Moutevelakis.-1905-02-15
In presence of Irakliou Notary Efstratiou P. Vourdoubaki and the witnesses Moustafa Risvanaki, Merchant and Mihail Metaxa, both of them Greek citizens.-1916-09-04
ACIEVC00009.jpg.jpgThe Muslim Council complain on 17th March 1905 that while the imam was entering Balta Cami for the afternoon pray, a Christian started urinating in front of the Mosque's cental door.-1905-03-28
ACIEVC00029.jpg.jpgIrakliou Gendarmerie. Hilmis Halikakis, 18 years old, is said to enter Defterar Mosque during the nights and to make it dirty the writer (Vazit) asks to prevent him from doing so.-1907-12-02
ACIEVC00022.jpg.jpgKandiye tüccarından Stelanohasa (?)'nın Portakalaki Mehmed'e açtığı dava hakkında Portakalaki Mehmed'in dilekçesi. [5 Haziran 1316]-1900-06-18
ACIEVC00020.jpg.jpgTowards Irakliou Gendarmerie (Mirarhia). The writer complains that very often a lot of individuals hang around the Valide Mosque and trow stones to the building with slings (Sfedona) he asks for protection-1903-06-03
Lawsuit of Afet Kalathopoulas for her salary of her service of 15 years for the late Hamzi Arapahmetaki.-1919-03-26; 1919-11-07
Hamzas Arapahmetakis against Harid. Malliotaki-1914-09-10
ACIEVC00013.jpg.jpgIn the name of the King/ Irakliou Court of First Instance and office of the Public Prosecutors consisted by Nikolaou K.StratoudakiIoannou Yoularaki (?) and Ahmet Fazis.-1883-09-12
ACIEVC00025.jpg.jpgIrakliou Gendarmarie (Mirarhia). The Director of the Muslim Foundations complains that Minas Dimakis, son of Dimitriou had entered the Kiouhakli Mosque and caused damages to the trees in its yard he asks for his punishment.-1902-03-18
ACIEVC00015.jpg.jpgTowards Irakliou Mayor the writer complains that the new drain of Tsesme Vrakleou (?) doesn't have the necessary depth and therefore the water of the mosque, which is located next to it, can't go out and the fountain of the mosque went out of use.-1905-03-28
Application of Mihail Kothri, resident of Lerapetras against Moustafa Taranaki, former resident of Irakliou and present resident of Thessalonikis, towards Lasithiou Ierodikou.-1908-05-10
ACIEVC00008.jpg.jpgThe writer (?) complains to the Mayor that the rural police allows to everybody to enter the Muslim cemetery and therefore lots of damages take place there on purpose.-1905-06-06
ACIEVC00002.jpg.jpgLetter of Muslim Council of Elders of Irakliou (?) to the Prefecture asking for the displacement of the known mad woman, Seklie, who goes during the night at the yard of the 'Defterdar' Mosque and performs acts contrary to the social morals.-1901-05-27
ACIEVC00032.jpg.jpgCourt of First Instance of Iraklio. Cover of the file of the case of the Muslim Reigious Foundations [of Iraklio] against the Tekke of Seyhu-Esrep(?) Efendi. Laywer: S. Vourdoumetakis.-1922-03-16
ACIEVC00021.jpg.jpgThe writer Fazil (?) complains that the occupant of the vakif olive press in Hrisi Elia Quarter complains all the time because some villagers have illegally occupied lands the Administration asks for the relevant documents in order to be able to act.-1900-05-13
Towards the Director of the Evkaf Mr. Fazil Fazilzade/ Iraklio: the Director of the post office supports that in the fille he send to Mr. Rejep Houloudis at Sitias Mosque there was an inclosed envelope without stamb.-1900-10-24
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