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Telegram From Iraklio to the the President of Rethimnis Muslim Community the Prefect Siradakis sends his thanks for the condolences of the Muslim Community for the death of King George.-1913-03-27
ACIGVDIV00008.jpg.jpgLetter of the Mayor of 'arhanon' to the President of the Ottoman Council of Elders of Irakliou concerning the valuing performed by the Municipality on a contested production of grapes.-1900-09-05
ACIGVDIV00003.jpg.jpgThe Municipality informs the Holy Judge that the Prefecture urgently asks for a table with the names of the boys born in the year 1916 and that therefore the imams of the town should submit to the Municipality the birth archives during the following week.-1917-01-11
ACIGVDIV00042.jpg.jpgTowards the General Commissioner of Crete Stilianou Dragoumi. Council of Irakliou Muslim Elders reports that some Muslims had been arrested by the port police while they were ready to leave from Iraklio with the Loyd's steam ship for different reasons.-1913-01-01
Draft handwritten form of the wishes for the new year addressed to the Prime-Minister, Eleftherios Venizelos, by the President of the Muslim Council of Elders of Iraklio, Arab-Ahmetzade Hamza.--
ACIGVDIV00060.jpg.jpgThe Eastern Telegraph Company, Limited/ Candia Station. Towards Rasih AsprakiIrakliou: Stergiadis informs that there is no need to send a committee but that they have to send immediatelty the report of the Prime Minister-1915-02-13
ACIGVDIV00050.jpg.jpgTowards the Administration of the Irakliou Muslim Foundations: the Irakliou Mayor asks them to reply his letter (?)-1917-11-22
Council of the Muslim Elders Houri Tsalkakin: Kostadinos B. thanks everybody.-1921-12-25
ACIGVDIV00021.jpg.jpgTo the Iraklio Mayor. Thanks for the sending of a document (?)-1902-12-02
ACIGVDIV00016.jpg.jpgVelie(?) Agadopoula was treated at the Sifilidikon(?) hospital and payed 80.35 dr. on February 4th 1902 the brotherhood (adelfato) decided that since she is poor and her state of mind is disturbed the expenses of her treatment'll be covered.--
Letter of Kingdom of Greece, town hall of Irakliou. Towards the Administration of Efkiafiou Irakliou: There is a hygiene problem with the fish shop.-1911-07-20
ACIGVDIV00001.jpg.jpgNote from the Mayor of Iraklion to Muslim Religious Foundations' Director of Irakliou concerning the dispatching of a document asked from the previous month form the part of the Municipality in order to be sent to the related ministry.-1923-04-02
ACIGVDIV00048.jpg.jpgIrakliou Municipality/ Program of the Ceremony. Irakliou Authorities (The Ierodikis and the Members of the Muslim Council of the Elders) are invited to the Ceremony (Doksologia) in the Metropolitan Church, on March 25.-1923-03-24
ACIGVDIV00077.jpg.jpgFormal invitation of the Prefect of Iraklio to the ceremony of the setting of the foundation stone of the Archaeological Museum of Iraklio.-1904-10-02
Towards King Kostadinos. Best wishes of Irakliou Muslim Community for his recovery-1915-05-17; 1915-06-01
ACIGVDIV00052.jpg.jpgIrakliou Prefect Mihail N. Sgouros invites the authorities of the Prefecture, among them the Ierodikis and the Muslim Elders, to join the prayer in favor of the King, which is going ot be realised on May 2, in the Metropolitan Church.-1915-05-01
ACIGVDIV00039.jpg.jpgKingdom of Greece/Municipality of Irakliou. Towards the President of Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders: shipment of a document.-1913-02-22
ACIGVDIV00038.jpg.jpgTowards the Muslim Elders: The Prefect asks for some information.-1920-04-09
ACIGVDIV00033.jpg.jpgTo Irakliou Ierodikin: The Prefect asks him to inform all the Muslim priests that they have to send the books of births in order to complete the lists of the men born in 1916.-1917-03-03
Guardian Assurance Limited Company. Reçu pour le renouvellement de la police d'assurance contre communauté musulmane.-1913-07-18
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