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Information about the Muslim religious degrees.-1919-08
New Newspaper Daily (Nea Efimeris Kathimerini of Iraklio). Main Article concerning the attempt against the life of E. Venizelos.-1920-08-05
ACIGVDIV00007.jpg.jpgLetter of the Nomarch of Irakliou to the President of Muslim Council of Elders concerning the complaint of Demir Dadalakis to the Prefecture that the Council does not provide his son, Bilar Dadalakis.-1919-12-12
ACIGVDIV00074.jpg.jpgMunicipality of Iraklion. Towards the Ierodikin Irakliou--
ACIGVDIV00065.jpg.jpgIrakliou Prefect asks Irakliou Ierodikin To Order All imams To inform all Muslims in the mosque about the statement they have to make in order to complete the lists of the male citizens (mitroa arrenon)-1907-05-01
ACIGVDIV00057.jpg.jpgIrakliou Financial Supervision (ikonomiki Eforia) Towards the Director of Irakliou Evkaf: shipment of a doc-1915-03-03
Towards the King of the Greeks and the Prime Minister' Irakliou Muslim community sends wishes for the New Year.-1915-12-31
The Eastern Telegraph Company. Towards the President of Irakliou Muslim Elders' Council Raouh Asprakis: The King thanks the community for celebrating his birthday.-1915-06-04
The President Konst. Zahariadis and the Secretary N. Gr. Meimarakis of Club Laikos Politikos Sillogos Irakliou invate to the ceremony (Doxologia) which is going to be realised in the Agios Minas Metropolitan Church.-1921-12-06
ACIGVDIV00029.jpg.jpgTo the President of Council of the Iraklio Muslim Elders the Prefect sends a document.--
The Prefect sends to the Directorate of Council of the Iraklio Muslim Elders his decision concernig the new plan of the city.-1905-07-09; 1905-07-22
ACIGVDIV00024.jpg.jpgPrefecture of Iraklio.-1905-02-15
The Prefecture of Irakliou. Notes about the Muslim cemeteries.-1900-06-12
ACIGVDIV00075.jpg.jpgIrakliou Mayor asks the Ierodiki to inform all Muslim imams in the periphery of Irakliou Municipality that they have to provide a birth list of both boys and girls every month and that the Municipality will submit the relevant lists to prefecture-1917-02-03
ACIGVDIV00067.jpg.jpgThe President of the Muslim Elders informs the Supreme Administration of Public Education and of Religions that the New Council of the Muslim Elders had been appointed and taken the oath in presence of Irakliou Prefect-1902-03-16
Towards the Irakliou Mayor. The writer (Behtset?) reports that the Administration ordered the cleaning of the 6 docks that are used only by the mosques, thus the Docks Rejep Aga, Haji Ali Passa, Defterdar Ahmet Passa, Reisoul Kioutap?, Ankepad? and Mahmut Aga.-1902-03-14
ACIGVDIV00040.jpg.jpgTe President of Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders informs Irakliou Prefecture about being the President of the Council.-1913-02-19
ACIGVDIV00027.jpg.jpgThe Muslim Community of Iraklio celebrates the Prince's name-day. Celebrarion letter to Prince Georgion/Chania.-1904-04-23
Kingdom of Greece, Prefecture of Irakliou. Towards the Muslim Elders of Irakliou, refering to the president, Salih Kalaitzaki: His resignation was not accepted.-1914-04-26
ACIGVDIV00002.jpg.jpgLawyers office of Konst. G. Stamataki, at Iraklio. File concerning the lawsuit of the anonymous offerings against the Greek Public sector at the Court of First Instance. (Empty)-1910-12-21
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