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ACIGVEP00004.jpg.jpgCorrespondance entre les présidents de la 3e Commission Mixte pour l'Echange des Populations grecques et turques et de la communauté musulmane à Cannée sur le convoi de Tesvikié.-1926-03-14
Complaint of Muslim Council of Elders to the Inspector of the primary schools of the educational periphery concerning the requisition occupation of the 7-class and 4-class Muslim primary school Muslim school, Ivraim Huseyn Seidaki by Stilianou Aloizou.-1921-11-29
ACIEVPR00032.jpg.jpgThe Directory of Muslim Religious Foundations asks from Panayioti Kromidaki, cloth-seller if he accepts the rise of the rent of the house located at the neighbourhood defterdar, No. 30, controlled by the Directory as an anonymous offering.-1921-08-07
ACIEVPR00039.jpg.jpgThe Directory of Muslim Religious Foundations of Irakliou asks from Mustafa Suleymanaki, butcher (Kreopoli), if he accepts the rise of the rent of a house, controlled by the Directory.-1921-07-31
ACIEVPR00045.jpg.jpgNote accompanying the dispatchment of the decision of Muslim Council of Elders of Irakliou, no. 106, to the Prefecture.-1922-02-14
ACIGVPR00005.jpg.jpgAknowledgement of the Prefecture To Muslim Council of Elders that according to an order of the General Administration of Crete the Muslim Councils request of 17-12-1921 has been fulfilled and the appropriate measures have been applied-1921-12-21
Yeoryiou Koundouraki, merchant, resident of Irakliou and lessee of a house, that he accepts the rise of the rent issued by the Muslim Religious Foundations of the periphery of the Holy Court Irakliou.-1921-08-24
Eytam Sandığı iştimalarının kayıt defteri.-1920; 1922
Certification from the President of Muslim Council of Elders of Irakliou that Sekli Larejaki? is the muezzin of the mosque at Katsaba of Irakliou since the July 9, 1918-1919-03-14; 1920
Letter of E. Zafkakis to the President of the Evkafion informing him about the usurpation of the area of the Muslim cemeteries at the village by Yeoryiou Mathioudaki and asking that action is taken against the violation.-1922-02-03
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