41-50 / 1954
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The Irakliou Administration of the Muslim Foundations sells vakif lands in the pariphary of 'Apolihnou' Village, Kenouriou, in the 'Pelekanou Agron' location, former Muslim Cemetery highest bid by Mehmet Gavalaki (150 dr.)-1917-10-20
After relevant proposition of the Director Ahmet Fazil Haji Fazil Zade, Council of Irakliou Muslim Elders accepts the result of the auction concerning the restoration of a vakif store on the square.-1900-11-19
ACIEVPR00393.jpg.jpgThe Mayor informs Irakliou Evkaf Director that opposite to the Ex Greek Consulate the Municipality is going to place a fontain. At the same location there is an inscription concerning Moameth he asks somobody to come and take it.-1900-12-23
ACIEVPR00437.jpg.jpgZülfükar Ali Paşa Vakfı'ndan Tepe Mahallesi'ndeki dükkanların kira makbuzu [22 Teşrin-i Sani 1338]-1922-11-22
ACIEVPR00460.jpg.jpgProperty of the Irakliou Evkaf. Plan of the Platia Strata Market.-1921-07-15
Documents related to the auction for the sale of a building plot belonging to Directory of Iraklio Muslim Religious Foundation,building plot is located at the periphery of the village Petropanaga of Monofatsi, near a building plot where formerly stood a mosque.-1916-09-03
Documents related to the auction for the sale of an oil press belonging to the Directory of Iraklio Muslim Religious Foundation. The oil press together with its attachments is located at the Village Elia of Pediados.-1918-05-29
ACIGVP00062.jpg.jpgRequest of General Administration of Crete (Department of Church and Education) To Muslim Elders asking for dispatchment of decision of Elders concerning recommendation of Kioubare Omer Kighiadaki for position of teacher at 7-Class Muslim Girls' School-1913-10-01
Confirmation of the decision taken by the Mouslim Council to sell for 20 dr. The vakif farm that had been ocupied by Adoniou Tsaniri, at the Sarakinou Location, at the Hersonisou Periphery-1901-03-05; 1901-07-25
ACIGVP00063.jpg.jpgNotification of the General Administration of Crete to Kambare Omer Kiagiadaki that she is appointed as teacher at the 7-Grade Muslim School of Girls of Iraklio. Her wage is set to 60 drahmes.-1913-11-13
41-50 / 1954


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