31-40 / 1954
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ACIEVPR00350.jpg.jpgSelling through auction by Irakliou Administration, represented by Director Mehmet Halatsaki and the Council: Vakif properties in the periphery of Pretoria Village Monofatsiou, Mezaria Location, former Muslim Cemetery highest bid by Konstad. Kefalanaki.-1917-04-30; 1917-05-28
ACIEVPR00349.jpg.jpgSelling through auction by Irakliou Administration, represented by Director Mehmet Halatsaki and the Council: Vakif Properties in periphery of Melissohoriou Village Monofatsiou and in the village, the former Mosque-highest bid by Haritou Math. Melissanaki.-1917-05-28
ACIEVPR00367.jpg.jpgThe Administration of Irakliou Muslim Foundations sells lands at the periphery of Stavgies Village Monofatsiou which used to be the mosque highest bid by Dimitri Kalaijaki illiterated (354 dr.) Arap Kalaijakis had offered 353 dr.-1917-10-01
ACIEVPR00352.jpg.jpgThe Administration of Irakliou Muslim Foundatons leases for 2 years the residence no 4, in Yani Jami Quarter highest bid by Moustafas Kolijakis (13 dr.)-1916-07-10
ACIEVPR00361.jpg.jpgLeasing auction: Residence no 2 of the Administration of Irakliou Muslim Foundations is leased from 1916/1332 to 1918/1334 to Hasan Gabazaki for 22 dr.-1916-07-10
ACIEVPR00383.jpg.jpgThe Council of Irakliou Muslim Elders complains that the winners of a certain auction of vakif lands, refused to pay their debt.-1908-01-29
ACIEVPR00363.jpg.jpgHousein Ademakis, resident of Irakliou, Herald, receives the money for the lands at the Daire location. Receipt for 18. 05 dr.-1916-04-18
ACIEVPR00370.jpg.jpgIrakliou prefect approves the sale of the Vakif land No 2 in Vezir Quarter.-1920-03-31
ACIEVPR00440.jpg.jpgApplication by Haider Karamehmetaki, Mouteveli of the Kommata Fountain towards Irakliou Ottoman Elders. Applicant asks for permission to suit Feiz Fehimakis the last one took 306 oka of wheat from vakif lands of Foundation, administered by the applicant.-1900-08-01
ACIEVPR00459001.jpg.jpgTowards Ahmet Halatsaki, Director of the Administration of the Irakliou Muslim Foundations and Manager of the Horosaki and Agiou Vlassi Teke. The Irakliou Financial Inspector asks for a report concerning the vakif lands of the area.-1919-07-31; 1919-08-03
31-40 / 1954


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