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Muslim Council of Elders decision concerning the sale of a metoch assigned to the Mosque Findiki Haji Mehmet Pahia for a sum of 1100 ikosafranga to the mayors, Pandelis Hajimanolakis, Konst. Malinos, Anagnostis Yeorganakis and Pavlos Anagnostakis.-1901-02-26
ACIEVPR00068.jpg.jpgStatement of Nikolaou Saklabanaki that he offers a higher bid of 5%from the final offer at the public auction held on the 8th of July 1901 concerning the leasing of meat-selling shops, for the leasing of the shop located at the Market of Avdourahman Pasa.-1901-07-11
ACIEVPR00074.jpg.jpgApplication of Rasidaki, merchant, to the Director of Muslim Council of Elders, offering the sum of 165 drahmes for the purchase of half a masoura of water, which was temporarily validated at the public auction to Antoniou Kapetanaki.-1901-11
ACIEVPR00083.jpg.jpgThe Directory of Muslim Religious Foundations of Irakliou asks from Mehmet Amaryialaki, resident of Irakliou, if he accepts the rise of the rent of the house located at the neighbourhood Angebout, no. 2, controlled by the Directory.-1921-07-31
Application of I. Loulakis to the Director of the Ewkaf of Irakliou offering an increased price of 3% for the deserted shop located at the Market Vezir of Irakliou sold at auction.-1901-11-09
Kandiye Müessesat-ı Diniye Sandığı'na 9 Şubat 1328 ila 18 Mart 1329 tarihleri arasında teslim olunan mebaliğe mahsus ilm ü haber.-1913-02-22; 1913-03-31
Postponement of the editing of the decision of the Court of First Instance of Heraklion concerning a lawsuit of the Mosque of Mesciye Hatzi Memih Aga in Heraklion, legally representated by Muslim Religious Foundations' Director.-1914-03-08
Application of Muslim Religious Foundations, represented by their Director, Mihri Kadizade concerning the conformement to the town-plan of the neighbours of the Ewkaf, after the fire that occurred at the shop of Andreou Kalokerinou.-1912-01-20; 1912-07-04
Protesting of the Muslim Council Concerning the destruction of the walls of the mosque of the Village Roufa of the District of Kainouriou by Konstantinos Psikarakis son of Yeoryios, who builds a house with this material at the court of the Mosque.-1911-01-04; 1911-01-13
To the Nomarch of Iraklion. The Council of the Muslim Elders of Iraklion applies to the Prefecture asking for its support for the purchase of the location of the old Muslim cemetery of the village of Skalani.-1920-10-27
11-20 / 771


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