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Irakliou Mayor informs the Director of Irakliou Evkaf that according to the Municipality registers Raji Roukounakis owes a masoura of water, conducted to his residence, and that Asmi Baba Tourhioujakis owns 1 masoura conducted to the Teke he administers-1905-06-12
Irakliou Council of the Muslim Elders. Leasing of the store no: 632 to Nikolao Hiaklabanaki (50 dr.) and to Sali Dertioglou (16,20 dr.) and of the store no: 650 to G. Epithaki(?) (22 dr.)-1901-08-12
ACIEVPR00513.jpg.jpgIrakliou Prefect N.K Malatakis approves decision of Muslim Elders to authorize the Director together with Hiehou of Teke of the Bektasidon Horasani Ali Baba Avdin Baba to sell some of the Teke's properties in order to buy the Marathoni Metohi which is located next to the Teke.-1907-06-29
The Irakliou Prefect N. K. Maladakis approves the decision of Irakliou Administration and Council of the Elders to sell the buildings of the former Muslim schools in far away villages where no Muslims live .-1902-04-05; 1906-04-20
Letter from the Directory of Iraklio Muslim Religious Foundation to Prosecutor of the Courts of Appeals of Crete concerning collection of rents after separation of the Directory of Muslim Religious Foundations of Lasithi from the ones of Iraklio.-1902-01-08
Towards Irakliou Prefect: the Agion Paraskion Mayor D. G. Stavrakis complains that in the Agiou Vasiliou Municipality there is a fountain which belongs to the Evkaf.-1904-06-28
Merhum Mahmud Kapudan Hacı Mazlumaki uhdesindeki vasiyetname mucebince eşi Penbe Hanım ve mahdumları Hüseyin arasında mülk ve akarın taksimine ait kaime.-1908-07-31
ACIGVJ00006.jpg.jpgSupreme Administration of the Public Education and of Religions. Towards the Director of Irakliou Muslim Elders:confirmation of a decision-1900-09-29
The Council of the Irakliou Muslim Elders Elected ivrahim Pertef President and Koutsizade Nouris Vice President a copy is sent to the Prefect-1902-03-13
ACIGVPR00079.jpg.jpgTowards the Director of the Irakliou Evkaf: the Kastelliou Mayor informs him the the yard wall of the Ottoman Cemetery which is located in 'Meidani' had fallen causing damages to the near by street and that it needs to be repaired-1905-01-21
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