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ACIGVPR00101.jpg.jpgIrakliou Mayor M. Delikahmetakis answers to a previous letter and informs the Council of Irakliou Muslim Elders that the fountains under constraction next to the Mahmut Aga mosque might be of use to the Municipality-1907-07-02
ACIEVO00270.jpg.jpgMenufaç Kazası, Laragi Kariyesinde sakinken vefat eden Cafer Boşnakaki'nin Hüseyin ve Faful adlı iki yetimine vasi tayini için akraba meclisinin toplanması ve yetimlerin dedesi Hasan Galyogoryanaki'nin vasi tayini ile ilgili karar. [1 Teşrin-i Evvel 1317]-1901-10-14
In presence of the Notary and resident of Irakliou Emmanouil Z. Miliara: Ali Veis Loujerzades, land owner, and Seit Veis Halazarakis, land owner, residents of Irakliou, agreed on.-1908-09-29
The Council of Irakliou Muslim Elders complains that the winners of a certain auction of vakif lands, refused to pay their debt.-1908-01-29
Application by Haider Karamehmetaki, Mouteveli of the Kommata Fountain towards Irakliou Ottoman Elders. Applicant asks for permission to suit Feiz Fehimakis the last one took 306 oka of wheat from vakif lands of Foundation, administered by the applicant.-1900-08-01
After relevant proposition of the Director Ahmet Fazil Haji Fazil Zade, Council of Irakliou Muslim Elders accepts the result of the auction concerning the restoration of a vakif store on the square.-1900-11-19
ACIEVPR00393.jpg.jpgThe Mayor informs Irakliou Evkaf Director that opposite to the Ex Greek Consulate the Municipality is going to place a fontain. At the same location there is an inscription concerning Moameth he asks somobody to come and take it.-1900-12-23
Confirmation of the decision taken by the Mouslim Council to sell for 20 dr. The vakif farm that had been ocupied by Adoniou Tsaniri, at the Sarakinou Location, at the Hersonisou Periphery-1901-03-05; 1901-07-25
ACIGVP00053.jpg.jpgTowards the Consul of the Public Education and of Religions. The President of Council of the Muslim Elders proposes Nouri Koutsizade and Eyioul Hakim Arhanitaki (?) to be appointed keepers of the Muslim schools-1902-03-18
ACIGVP00058.jpg.jpgDirector of Irakliou Muslim Foundations Housein Vexet Astsaki is provided by Supreme Administration of Education and of Justice, with a two month leave from work (from 31 May)-1906-06-03
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