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ACCGVDIV00014.jpg.jpgThe office of the Crete Public Prosecutor. Document to be delivered to Kiriaki Nikolaidi, Greek citizen, resident of Chania-1903-11-17
ACCGVDIV00009.jpg.jpgShipment of some bills of exchange from the director of the Chania Muslim Foundations to the director of the General counting house-1902-06-11
ACCGVDIV00007.jpg.jpgCentral administration of translations. The director informs the Chania moufti that the documents he send had been translated from Turkish to Greek-1919-04-20
ACCGVDIV00019.jpg.jpgLouvre / Owner Jean S. Marcadonakis/ Purveyor of Prince George- La Canee, Crete (Chania, Crete), Towards: Moustafa Vei Aligdaki, president of the Muslim Elders--
ACCGVDIV00016.jpg.jpgThe Prefecture of Chania is informed that Housein Vein Neimveizade had been elected president of the Council of the Chania Muslim Elders and that Nouredin Vein had been elected under president-1905-11-21
ACCGVDIV00029.jpg.jpgThe Eastern Telegraph Company, limited / Candia Station. Telegram to Candia from Athens: the King thanks Council of the Muslim Elders-1902-05-16
ACCGVDIV00028.jpg.jpgAt Chania. Beginning of a letter addressed to the General Governor of Crete-1919-10-29
ACCGVDIV00018.jpg.jpgCanea Station/The Eastern Telegraph Company/ limited--
ACCGVDIV00006.jpg.jpgMpehtsis/mbehtses informs the mayor that at the village Kali Kasteli there are people who illegally use part of the Muslim cemetery and so he urges the Mayor to find them and punish them. Towards the Mayor of Kali Kasteli.-1902-01-09
ACCGVDIV00022001.jpg.jpgoffice of the Crete Public Prosecutors. Certificate of the shipment of a doc to the Conculate of Greece in Chania: call by the Director of the Muslim Foundations Jemali Efendi Jade-1884-04-17
ACCGVDIV00005.jpg.jpgThe manager of the administrationof Muslim foundations, Arif Mpitsaxakis (?) asks the head officer of the gendarme (mirarhia) of Chania that the case on document no 54.30 of 25 January 1918 is accepted and all the nacessary actions will be taken.-1918-02-07
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