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ACCGVDIV00020.jpg.jpgAdonios Markadonakis, Director of the Topography Department of the General Administration reports that Yessas Ishakis (?) had put window panes-1896-11-12
ACCGVDIV00012.jpg.jpgThe Office of the Crete Public Prosecutor. 6 copies of the call to İvrahim Edeem if (?) had been delivered to the Greek Consulate at Chania-1884-08-25
ACCGVDIV00002.jpg.jpgKingdom of Greece, the reprisentative at Crete of the temporary government, I. Tsirimokos, at Chania. Towards the public authorities of the island: instructions on the proper use of revenue stamp (hartosimo)-1917-03-01
ACCGVDIV00015.jpg.jpgThe office of the Crete Public Prosecutor. 5 copies of the call to Adehem, Akif, Mehmet, Moustafa, Hamat and Zahides or Esnas had been delivered to the Chania Greek Consulate-1884-11-03
ACCGVDIV00003.jpg.jpgKingdom of Greece,the reprisentative I. Tsirimokos. Towards the Nomarchs, the police and customs authorities of Crete: due to the lack of silver coins the authorities have to take specific steps in order to change silver coins with banknotes-1917-03-07
ACCGVDIV00025.jpg.jpgGeneral Administration of Crete. Towards the Chania Ierodikin: the General Governor of Crete S. Krokidas asks for information about Attiyes Tavelaki and her family-1919-07-10
To the president of the Hania Muslim Foundations. The Hania prefect e. Aretakis asks him to send the list they asked him according to the law-1923-06-25
Nea Erevna (New investigation) / Chania / year 21-1924-04-11
ACCGVDIV00024.jpg.jpgTowards the President of the Candie Evkaf Ali Katsoulakis: on behalf of the General Ambassador of Great Britain Mr. Howard-1906-08-02
ACCGVDIV00013.jpg.jpgThe office of the Crete Public Prosecutor. A Copy of the call to ivrahim Edehem, Akif, Mehmet, Oustafa, Zahides and Halbdi had been delivered to the Greek Consulate at Chania-1884-11-03
The Chania mouftis and the president of the Chania Muslim community celebrate name day of the king of the greeks-1923-05-06
ACCGVDIV00008.jpg.jpgThe prefect of Chania asks the President of the Muslim Council to inform him about(?)-1916-07-29
ACCGVDIV00023.jpg.jpgTowards the President of the Muslim Council: the Chania Prefect Evg. Aretakis asks for the shipment of a table-1923-04-24
Telegraph from Izmir to Ali Bey Ciskakis, president of the Muslim community of Chania thanking him for the dispatch of an unspecified document and informing him that they will soon arrive.-1919-11-15
Kiriks' [Herald] Newspaper of Liberal Precepts-1917-01-20
ACCGVDIV00017.jpg.jpgPrefecture of Chania. To All Chania Priests: the Chania Prefect Sends them the book they will use for registrating new births and baptisis in 1919 and asks for the book of 1918 Delaie will be punished-1918-12-18
Towards the administration of Chania Muslim foundations. The administration is informed about 30 cases which are still open in the court of Chania and concern it-1901-12-04
Instractions towards the Committees of Chania and Rethimnis Prefectures: Concerning the departure of the Muslims the registers etc signed by the President of The Central Committee in Chania Philippe Kirikis (?)-1923-12-14
ACCGVDIV00021.jpg.jpgKingdom of Greece/ Chania Council of the Muslim Elders. Towards the President of the Sub Commition welcome note-1923-01-03
ACCGVDIV00014.jpg.jpgThe office of the Crete Public Prosecutor. Document to be delivered to Kiriaki Nikolaidi, Greek citizen, resident of Chania-1903-11-17
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