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ACCGVD00002.jpg.jpgTelegraph to the Prime Minister, the General Command Headquarters of the Gendarmerie in Athen and at Chania of the members and notables of the Muslim Community of Rethimnis asking for the dispatchment of a big force of gendarmerie.-1922-09-27
ACCGVP00001.jpg.jpgTowards the Director Efkiafiou. The following order is to be announced to their employees: The Cabinet (Ipourgiko Simvoulio) decided that due to the King Alexandrou's death the whole country will be in mourning for three months.-1920-10-15
ACCGVPR00007.jpg.jpgTo the President of Muslim Foundations, to the Jewish community of Crete (Arhirabbuino) and to the Armenians. The Chania Prefect E. Aretakis asks them to send a list of the members of their communities, the number of the families, their properties.-1923-07-17
ACCGVM00001.jpg.jpgHanya Evkaf ve Eytam Riyaset-i Canib-i Alisi'ne gönderilen Sivil Esirler Garnizonu Tabibi Doktor Necati Bey esir askerlerden Bursalı İbrahimoğlu Mustafa’nın muayenesi ve teşhisi ile ilgili raporu. [ Teşrin-i Evvel 1338]-1922-10-20
ACCGVEP00001.jpg.jpgmübadeleye tabi olmayan Müslümanların Mahkeme-i Şeriyyede ve Evkaf defter kayıtlarından ilam sureti v.s için bir katip istihdamını rica eden mektup.-1924-06-05
The Chania mouftis and the president of the Chania Muslim community celebrate name day of the king of the greeks-1923-05-06
ACCGVEP00002.jpg.jpgTo the President of the Muslim Community) Chania: the Greek Committee Is Anaible to locate some of the Houses of the Muslims who are leaving the country therefore, they ask the Muslim Council to appoint some people in order to help them-1924-04-05
To the president of the Hania Muslim Foundations. The Hania prefect e. Aretakis asks him to send the list they asked him according to the law-1923-06-25
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