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Acknowledgement of the General Governor of Crete to the Economic Provosts of Crete of the decree edited by the Ministry of Economy.-1923-06-11
Kirix' (Crier) / Director Kiriakos Kostadinos Mitsotakis-1922-04-06
ACCGVO00003.jpg.jpgThe Haniion Muslim Elders is informed by Supreme Administration of Education and of Justice that Spir. Vardakis had been appointed as inspector of the accounts of Evkaf and Chania Bank for the properties of the Muslim orphans, to the place of N. Palidou.-1906-08-03
ACCGVP00012.jpg.jpgChania Holy Court. Towards the Inspector of the Chania Primary Schools: the Chania Ierodikis proposes to appoint Hasan M. Feizakin as teacher at the Halepas Muslim Primary School and Ali Seliraki as teacher at the Koum Kapi School.-1915-03-14
General Administration of Crete. The Administration approves the sale of a building plot out of the yard of the Chania Mosque Hasaki Ahmet Aga to Behije, daughter of Halim Psitaki.-1921-05-02; 1921-06-01
The President of the Chania Council of the Muslim Elders, Towards the Supreme Administration of Education-1911-05-16
ACCGVM00011.jpg.jpgTowards the office of Recruitment of Crete/Chania. The President of the Muslim Elders sends the lists of the Muslim religious servants.-1920-05-02
In the name of the King of the Greeks, the Chania Court of Appeal represented by the President Sotiriou Haralabous and the Judges Adoniou Tilimonos (?), Markou Dimitrakaki, Proposer, Petrou Tataraki and Klearhou Markadonaki, Lawyer.-1910-01-28; 1910-11-04
In the name of the Prince. Kolimvariou Notary Nikolaos Foundoulakis reports that real estate of the heirs of the late debtor Moustafa Vrodaki or Alibegaki, has been fortified through auction to the lenter Cretan Treasury for the public benefit, for 535 dr.-1906-03-04
President of Irakliou Council of Muslim Elders Nouri Tsalikakis ask the General Commander of Crete to cancel the decision to move teacher Ahmet Memihiaki from 7th class of Muslim school.-1921-12-20; 1921-12-21
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