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ACCGVO00002.jpg.jpgCity of Crete, Administration of Education and Justice (Anotera Diefthinsis Tis Pedias Ke Tis Dikaiosinis) at Chania (Haniis)-1903-09-09
ACCGVDIV00006.jpg.jpgMpehtsis/mbehtses informs the mayor that at the village Kali Kasteli there are people who illegally use part of the Muslim cemetery and so he urges the Mayor to find them and punish them. Towards the Mayor of Kali Kasteli.-1902-01-09
ACCGVEP00008.jpg.jpgMübadele-i Nüfus-ı Türk ve Yunan Muhtelit Komisyonuna ait Fransızca belge.-1904-01-04
ACCGVPR00001.jpg.jpgThe Supreme Directory of Education acknowledges to the Council of the Muslim Elders of Chania that its decision no 174/244 concerning the estates (formerly) belonging to the Muslim Foundations was approved and that their use will continue.-1908-05-28
ACCGVE00005.jpg.jpgThe President of Council of the Chania Muslim Elders informs the Administration of Education and Justice that the Muslim Council decided to appoint director of the Chania Muslim Foundations Ali Talat Moulazade-1904-05-27
ACCGVDIV00016.jpg.jpgThe Prefecture of Chania is informed that Housein Vein Neimveizade had been elected president of the Council of the Chania Muslim Elders and that Nouredin Vein had been elected under president-1905-11-21
ACCGVE00008.jpg.jpgSupreme Administration of Education and of Justice-1905-12-16
The Ottoman Community of Chania payed to the Municipality of Chania 39 dr. for the water at the store of its propert, located at the quay, from 1 July 1900 to the end of August 1902.-1902-11-22
ACCGVE00007.jpg.jpgTo the Administration of Education the President of the Chania Muslim Council proposes the appointment of Georgioua Galanaki as teacher at the 3th Muslim Primary School of Chania-1909-08-13
Towards the administration of Chania Muslim foundations. The administration is informed about 30 cases which are still open in the court of Chania and concern it-1901-12-04
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