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Acknowledgement of the General Governor of Crete to the Economic Provosts of Crete of the decree edited by the Ministry of Economy.-1923-06-11
Towards the President of the Muslim Council: The Chania Prefect Evg. Aretakis asks him to inform all managers of vakif properties that they have sent some detailed lists and tables to the prefecture.-1923-04-05
Towards the Office of Recruitment. Information about Ousta İsmailakis Hasan of Poustem (?)-1923-01-07; 1902-01-28
ACCGVM00013.jpg.jpgHanya şehrinde bulunan Dimetoka ahalisinden Binbaşı Abdülkerim Bey bin Müdavi Efendi'nin Hanya'da Mevlevi Dergah-ı Şerifi'nde 5 Haziran 1923 tarihinde vefat ettiğine dair Hanya İslam İhtiyar Meclisi Reisi'nin yazısı.-1923-07-16
The president of the council of Chania Muslim Elders informs the general commander of Crete, Perikli Mazaraki that since September 1922, all Muslims that used to live in the country side went to the city of Chania. Where they live in misery.-1923-06-29
Towards the Chania Prefecture. The President of Council of the Muslim Elders informs that Hemsidedezade Moustafa Bedrouddin has been appointed in the place of the late Director of the Muslim Foundations Housein Roustemaki.-1923-01-29; 1923-02-13
ACCGVDIV00021.jpg.jpgKingdom of Greece/ Chania Council of the Muslim Elders. Towards the President of the Sub Commition welcome note-1923-01-03
Instractions towards the Committees of Chania and Rethimnis Prefectures: Concerning the departure of the Muslims the registers etc signed by the President of The Central Committee in Chania Philippe Kirikis (?)-1923-12-14
ACCGVP00007.jpg.jpgTowards the Chania Council of the Muslim Elders: The Prefect Av. Aretakis asks for a list of all the imamides.-1923-06-23
ACCGVDIV00023.jpg.jpgTowards the President of the Muslim Council: the Chania Prefect Evg. Aretakis asks for the shipment of a table-1923-04-24
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