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ACCGVPR00007.jpg.jpgTo the President of Muslim Foundations, to the Jewish community of Crete (Arhirabbuino) and to the Armenians. The Chania Prefect E. Aretakis asks them to send a list of the members of their communities, the number of the families, their properties.-1923-07-17
The Ottoman Community of Chania payed to the Municipality of Chania 39 dr. for the water at the store of its propert, located at the quay, from 1 July 1900 to the end of August 1902.-1902-11-22
ACCGVE00007.jpg.jpgTo the Administration of Education the President of the Chania Muslim Council proposes the appointment of Georgioua Galanaki as teacher at the 3th Muslim Primary School of Chania-1909-08-13
Towards the administration of Chania Muslim foundations. The administration is informed about 30 cases which are still open in the court of Chania and concern it-1901-12-04
ACCGVF00008.jpg.jpgThe Minister of Financial Affairs N. Negrepodis asks to the prefects of the state Chania to define the exact amount of the money they will need for offices, streets etc at the new countries (Nees Hores).-1918-01-07
ACCGVDIV00013.jpg.jpgThe office of the Crete Public Prosecutor. A Copy of the call to ivrahim Edehem, Akif, Mehmet, Oustafa, Zahides and Halbdi had been delivered to the Greek Consulate at Chania-1884-11-03
ACCGVE00002.jpg.jpgThe Directorate informs the President of the Council of Chania Muslim Elders that it accepts the resignation of Housein Baljaki and Ali Vekkiagasaki (?) from the Council.-1905-11-12
ACCGVF00012.jpg.jpgReceipt of payment of 2 fr. by the Ottoman Tax Office to the Treasury of the Chania Municipality-1898-11-28
ACCGVPR00006.jpg.jpgMunicipality of Iraklio. The Iraklio Minister asks the Director of the Iraklio Evkafion to confirm or not if Housein Babas owns the spring of water (masoura idatos?) at his teke.-1905-06-21
In the name of the Emperor. The Court (Protodikio) of Chania: The relatives and heirs of Alif Mourginaki have to pay 2622 kurus.-1890-09-09
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