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ACCGVEP00005.jpg.jpgMixed Committee for the Exchange of Greek and Turkish Populations / 3th sub committee. Towards the President of the Muslim Community . Canee: he is informed that they received his letter-1924-02-19
Chania Department of Economics (Eforia). Chania Inspector D. Patridis informs Director of Muslim Foundations Arif Bitsaksaki that some of certificates are missing from his property statement and that he has to present them as soon as possible-1920-05-20
Towards the Chania Prefecture. The President of Council of the Muslim Elders informs that Hemsidedezade Moustafa Bedrouddin has been appointed in the place of the late Director of the Muslim Foundations Housein Roustemaki.-1923-01-29; 1923-02-13
ACCGVDIV00021.jpg.jpgKingdom of Greece/ Chania Council of the Muslim Elders. Towards the President of the Sub Commition welcome note-1923-01-03
Instractions towards the Committees of Chania and Rethimnis Prefectures: Concerning the departure of the Muslims the registers etc signed by the President of The Central Committee in Chania Philippe Kirikis (?)-1923-12-14
ACCGVP00007.jpg.jpgTowards the Chania Council of the Muslim Elders: The Prefect Av. Aretakis asks for a list of all the imamides.-1923-06-23
ACCGVDIV00023.jpg.jpgTowards the President of the Muslim Council: the Chania Prefect Evg. Aretakis asks for the shipment of a table-1923-04-24
ACCGVEP00003.jpg.jpgMixte Committee for the Exchange of the Greek and Turkish Populations-1924-05-31
Varis-i makam bulunan mahdumu Niyazaki Mustafa bin Şeyh Mehmed Efendi'nin terfien postnişini olduğu Niyazi Baba Dergah-ı Şerifi Şeyhliği'ne tayin edilmesine dair Hanya Niyazi Bab Dergahı Şerifi Postnişini Şeyh Mehmed Niyazi imzalı karar.-1921-03-17; 1921-04-20
ACCGVEP00007.jpg.jpgMixed Committee for the Exchange of Greek and Turkish Populations / 3th sub committee.Cannee Muslim Community are informed that the Ship Stanboul is going to come in 5-6 Days in order to take the Muslims from Canee-1924-04-21
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