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ACCGVO00003.jpg.jpgThe Haniion Muslim Elders is informed by Supreme Administration of Education and of Justice that Spir. Vardakis had been appointed as inspector of the accounts of Evkaf and Chania Bank for the properties of the Muslim orphans, to the place of N. Palidou.-1906-08-03
In the name of the Prince. Kolimvariou Notary Nikolaos Foundoulakis reports that real estate of the heirs of the late debtor Moustafa Vrodaki or Alibegaki, has been fortified through auction to the lenter Cretan Treasury for the public benefit, for 535 dr.-1906-03-04
ACCGVP00009.jpg.jpgSupreme Administration of Education and of Justice, Halepa. Chania Council of the Muslim Elders' asked to propose someone to be appointed Director of the Muslim Foundations because the proposed İsmail Saratsakis is not approved by Supreme Administration.-1903-12-13
Towards the Office of Recruitment. Information about Ousta İsmailakis Hasan of Poustem (?)-1923-01-07; 1902-01-28
ACCGVPR00009.jpg.jpgThe Ottoman Religious Foundations of Chania state Chania Mayor that the institution owes a shop in Tsigar Kiolou Quarter, leased to Esref Tsalikaki for 25 dr. per year.-1902-09-17
ACCGVP00003.jpg.jpgTowards the Supreme Administration of Education. The Council of Chania Muslim Elders proposes transfer of teacher of the Perivolion Village, Ali Sileraki, to Muslim School of Daratso Village and of teacher of Daratso Ali Yigourtsaki to Perivolion School.-1908-09-22
ACCGVDIV00029.jpg.jpgThe Eastern Telegraph Company, limited / Candia Station. Telegram to Candia from Athens: the King thanks Council of the Muslim Elders-1902-05-16
Towards the Consul of Religions and of Education. The Chania Council of the Muslim Elders proposes to appoint İsmail Vei Sartsaki Director of the Chania Muslim Foundations, in place of the late Director Selim Seratsaki.-1902-01-27
ACCGVE00011.jpg.jpgSupreme Administration of Education. Towards the Chania Muslim Elders: they are informed for the founding of the 13th Muslim School in Koum Kapi-1908-09-19
ACCGVE00009.jpg.jpgSupreme Administration of Education and of Justice. Towards the President of Chania Council of the Muslim Elders: shipment of the report on the appointment of the new members of the Muslim Committee of Education (Sholiki Eforia) for the following 3 years-1905-09-27
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