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The Commissioner of Supreme Administration of Education asks the Chania Council of the Muslim Elders for a list of the members of Council of the Muslim Elders, the moufti and the employees at the Foundation of the Holy Court.-1911-05-18
ACCGVPR00003.jpg.jpgLetter of Kingdom of Greece towards the General Administration of Crete: They ask for permision to trim the trees at the Muslim cemetery, at Chania.-1919-03-02
The manager of the administrationof Muslim foundations, Arif Mpitsaxakis (?) asks the head officer of the gendarme (mirarhia) of Chania that the case on document no 54.30 of 25 January 1918 is accepted and all the nacessary actions will be taken.-1918-02-07
ACCGVM00005.jpg.jpgTowards the Army Guards ( Frourarhion) of Chania. Among the other Muslim soldiers is the mouezinis of the mosque of the District Kato Koum Kapi. He wishes to be exempted by the afternoon call in order to practice the afternoon pray.-1919-02-27
The police station of Topana. Towards the (Mirarhia) of Chania, He was unable to find the people who stole some pieces of wood and caused damage to the monuments of the Muslim Cemetery.-1919-02-17
ACCGVD00002.jpg.jpgTelegraph to the Prime Minister, the General Command Headquarters of the Gendarmerie in Athen and at Chania of the members and notables of the Muslim Community of Rethimnis asking for the dispatchment of a big force of gendarmerie.-1922-09-27
ACCGVO00002.jpg.jpgCity of Crete, Administration of Education and Justice (Anotera Diefthinsis Tis Pedias Ke Tis Dikaiosinis) at Chania (Haniis)-1903-09-09
Jandarma Kumandanlığı'na çeşitli hususlarda yazılan tahrirlerin kayıt müsveddeleri. [28 Kanun-i Evvel 1309]-1894-01-09
The Prefect of Chania asks the President of the Muslim Council to inform him how much money the Foundation can provide in favor of the Public Muslim Schools.-1916-07-08
ACCGVP00001.jpg.jpgTowards the Director Efkiafiou. The following order is to be announced to their employees: The Cabinet (Ipourgiko Simvoulio) decided that due to the King Alexandrou's death the whole country will be in mourning for three months.-1920-10-15
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