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ACCGVP00012.jpg.jpgChania Holy Court. Towards the Inspector of the Chania Primary Schools: the Chania Ierodikis proposes to appoint Hasan M. Feizakin as teacher at the Halepas Muslim Primary School and Ali Seliraki as teacher at the Koum Kapi School.-1915-03-14
The President of the Chania Council of the Muslim Elders, Towards the Supreme Administration of Education-1911-05-16
In the name of the King of the Greeks, the Chania Court of Appeal represented by the President Sotiriou Haralabous and the Judges Adoniou Tilimonos (?), Markou Dimitrakaki, Proposer, Petrou Tataraki and Klearhou Markadonaki, Lawyer.-1910-01-28; 1910-11-04
ACCGVP00013.jpg.jpgChania Holy Court. Towards the inspector of the Chania Primary Schools: the Chania Ierodikis proposes to appoint Hasan Hojoglaki teacher at the Soudas Muslim Primary School.-1915-05-11
In the name of the King of Greeks George I.- decision of Court of Apperals concerning late Halim Fotinakis' property. The dispute takes place between Chania Muslim Religious Foundations of and Tzemile, daughter of Huseyn Tzigounakis and widow of the late.-1912-07-23
Letter of the judge of the Holy Court and Mufti of Chania to the Chief of the Garrison of Chania asking for the granting of permission to the Muslim soldiers of the garrison during the forthcoming month or Ramazan to attend the evening religious ceremonies.-1919-05-14
The Kritis General Administration: Director of Chania Muslim Foundations reports that he attaches the required detailed list of the Muslim mosques and of their employees in Chania.-1918-03-03
Towards the Prime Minister and the Minister of Public Education. The Muslims of Chania Express their grief for the decision of the Chania Educational Council to Abolish Muslim Schools-1915-07-29
Budgets concerning the Muslim Foundations in Suda, the mosque, the school and the store-1918-06-23; 1919-12-04
Statement of Taxable Edifice of the Muslim Religious Foundations of Chania for a workshop located at the town of Chania of a yearly revenue of 405 drahmes. The workshop is rented to Mustafa Dirkadakis, leather merchant.-1910-08-24
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