Beyşehir - Çankırı
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TNEHBEC001001.jpgAlbüm kapağı (Ön) - Album cover (Front)9.63 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001002.jpgBeyşehir, Eşrefoğlu Camii cephesi - Beyşehir, facade of Eşrefoğlu Mosque6.4 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001003.jpgBeyşehir, Eşrefoğlu Camii - Beyşehir, Eşrefoğlu Mosque5.83 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001004.jpgBeyşehir, Eşrefoğlu Camii Hünkâr Mahfili - Beyşehir, Sultan Lodge of Eşrefoğlu Mosque5.75 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001005.jpgBeyşehir, Eşrefoğlu Camii iç mekânı - Beyşehir, interior of Eşrefoğlu Mosque5.74 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001006.jpgBeyşehir, Eşrefoğlu Camii iç mekânı - Beyşehir, interior of Eşrefoğlu Mosque6.28 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001007.jpgBeyşehir, evler - Beyşehir, houses5.14 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001008.jpgBeyşehir, bir ev - Beyşehir, a house5.17 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001009.jpgÇankırı, genel görünüm - Çankırı, a general view6.3 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001010.jpgÇankırı, genel görünüm - Çankırı, a general view6.44 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001011.jpgÇankırı, sırtta evler - Çankırı, houses on the hillside6.08 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001012.jpgÇankırı, bir evin terası - Çankırı, terrace of a house5.45 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001013.jpgÇankırı, bir konak - Çankırı, a mansion6.19 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001014.jpgÇankırı, evler - Çankırı, houses5.53 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001015.jpgÇankırı, evler - Çankırı, houses5.03 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001016.jpgÇankırı, bir ev - Çankırı, a house5.88 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001017.jpgÇankırı, pazar yeri - Çankırı, marketplace5.92 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001018.jpgÇankırı, pazar yeri - Çankırı, marketplace5.93 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001019.jpgÇankırı, evler - Çankırı, houses5.19 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001020.jpgÇankırı, evler - Çankırı, houses6.94 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001021.jpgÇankırı, bir ev - Çankırı, a house5.83 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001022.jpgÇankırı, bir ev - Çankırı, a house5.92 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001023.jpgÇankırı, Ulu Camii iç mekân - Çankırı, interior of Ulu Mosque6.41 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001024.jpgÇankırı, Ulu Camii iç mekân - Çankırı, interior of Ulu Mosque6.29 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001025.jpgÇankırı, Ulu Camii iç mekân - Çankırı, interior of Ulu Mosque6.19 MBJPEG
TNEHBEC001026.jpgAlbüm kapağı (Arka) - Album cover (Back)1.94 MBJPEG
Beyşehir - Çankırı
Beyşehir, Çankırı
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Nejat Eldem
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Nejat Eldem'in izniyle - Courtesy of Nejat Eldem


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