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Spiridon Fabiato
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Correspondence entre S. Fabiato et son locataire Moise Cohen.-1939-09-11
Devis et contrat pour l'installation electrique et de la reconstruction de l'etage supérieur de l'immeuble Giacomo entre Nahnikian Frères et S. Fabiato. - Proposal and contract between Nahnikian Frères and S. Fabiato on the reconstruction of the second floor of the Giacomo building.-1921-10-03; 1921-11-09
Document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Antonis Manarakis: They tell him to inform Spirid. Fabiato that he has lost the Greek citizenship and has obtained the Italian one.-1922-01-11; 1922-08-01
Dossier A: Immeuble "Balouk-Bazar" Prinkipo, du 1er mars 1901-1er mars 1912, Gestion Helbig.-1906-11; 1938-05-04
Dossier no 15: Immeubles, biens abandonnés. Pièces remises par M. Albert Guéron à Athènes en juillet 1926. Nationalité.Italian Consulate, Sabri; Naci; Defterdar Ali Hikmet1922-12-09; 1926-07-28
Empty envelope: from S. N. Fabiato sent to A. N. Fabiato, France-1940-08-16; 1940-11-27
Empty envelope: To Ispiridiyon (Spiridon) Fabiato and Orora Fabyato (Aurora Fabiato) in Çankaya Caddesi, Büyükada-1938-09-24; 1938-09-25
Empty envelope: To Sipiridon Fabyato from Hayguhi Selek, the owner of the Selek restaurant.-1942-03-16; 1942-03-17
Letter from S. Fabiato to to A. N. Fabiato in Paris, France under occupation-1940-08-10; 1940-08-16
Letter to Ahilleas Moshos from Sp. Fabiato: Fabiato and Aurora will tomorrow visit the Foundation (Vakıf), after Ahillea's invitation.-1936-07-12
Letter to Ahilleas Moshos from Sp. Fabiato: He gives him information about various subjects.-1933-10-23
Letter to Ahilleas Moshos from Sp. Fabiato: He tells him that he has agreed with the lodgers about the amount of the shops' leasehold.-1935-05-26
Letter to S. Fabiato from A. A. Moshos: He informs him about a trial.-1936-08-04
AFMFB096.jpg.jpgLetter to S. Fabiato from A. A. Moshos: He tells him to bring his wife's proxy to the notary.-1935-01-29
AFMFB093.jpg.jpgLetter to Sp. Fabiato from A. A. Moshos: The ship is leaving tomorrow at 8 o'clock.-1937-04-23
Letter to Sp. Fabiato from Theodoros Ketsisoglou: He informs him that he has written last week another letter but he did not have any answer. Also, hopes that they will meet at Prinkipo sometime in the future.-1912-06-07; 1912-06-20
AFMFB107.jpg.jpgLetter to Sp. Fabiato from Theodoros Ketsisoglou: He talks about bussiness and some architecture designs that he has made.-1912-06-17; 1912-06-30
Letter to Sp. Fabiato from Theodoros Ketsisoglou: He tells him about his trips to Paris and to Prinkipo and that his brother has given him his new adress.-1912-06-02; 1912-06-15
AFMFB111.jpg.jpgLetter to Sp. Fabiyato from Lawyer Refet Tamerler-1939-12-08
Letter to Spiros Fabiato from Dr. Th. G. Kéchissoglou: He tells him that he thinks of moving to Pera and wants from him some information.-[1917-11-08]; [1917-11-26]
4-23 / 36