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Aknowledgement of the Ministry of Agriculture (Directory of Public Estates) concerning the statement of information related to Wakf estates of their managers.-1919-05-11
ACNGVPR00015.jpg.jpgStatement of settlement concerning the properties of the Muslims.-1923-01-30
Mixed Committee for the Central Government [Exchange of Population] between Turkey and Greece.-1923-01-30
ACNGVPR00005.jpg.jpgThe applicant informs the mayor that somebody cultivated the cemetery and should be found and punished as his action is illegal. Towards the Municipality of Ampelouzou.-1902-01-30
Anorthosis among other announcements an underlined announcement concerning the properties of the Muslims that have foreign citizenship.-1921-12-06
Emlak vergisine mahsus tezkere.--
ACNGVPR00013.jpg.jpgThe writer, Muslim citizen of Greece voluntarily resigns from any kind of property.--
Branch of the governament paper of the Kingdom of Greece.-1921-06-19
ACNGVPR00001.jpg.jpgEdict of the High Commissioner Georgios condemning the Movement of 10 March 1905.-1905-03-12
To the managers of Vakıf lands: the Minister G. Kafadaris asks all the managers to make a statement of the exact properties and date of foundation of the Evkaf that they administer.-1918-03-09
Decision of the committee composed of the Nomarch Yeoryios Moatsos, the county engineer Ioanis Stilianidis and the Mayor Stilianos Yeoryiou, about the recompensation to the coffee-house intended for the construction of the buliding of the municipality.-1914-02-12
ACNGVPR00018.jpg.jpgTowards the Muslim Elders: answering to a relevant question consul informs that no council has the right to decide to accept no rent by occupants of Vakıf lands for the period 1897-1898.-1903-11-14
ACNGVPR00016.jpg.jpgThe director sends the prefect a copy of the decision of the council concerning the selling of water.-1905-11-22
ACNGVPR00017.jpg.jpgThe Abelouzou Mayor is asked to inform E. Hristodoulos Aliyizos (?) snd Georgios Prekatoukis (?) to present the relevant to the Evkaf leasing documents.-1902-03-19
Act of resigantion of any kind of property of one's own free will (to be signed by a Muslim - Greek citizen).--
Act of resignation of any kind of property of one's (Muslim citizen of Greece) own free will.--
ACNGVPR00007.jpg.jpgThe [Muslim Council(?)] complains to the mayor that Georgios Em. Roultakis (?), resident of Piskopis village, occupied the building of the Muslim School next to the mosque, made it part of his house and he is about to turn it into a,,,[store(?)].-1905-05-10
ACNGVPR00006.jpg.jpgThe prefect is informed that the 6 months term for taking the renovated coffee shop had expired.-1905-07-06
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