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ACNGVM00016.jpg.jpgThe Captain of the Gendarmerie (Mırarhos) is asked to prevent Mehmet Kaberaki or Arnaoutaki and Hasan Retsepaki because Tehir wifes and children are inviting them into the court.-1907-07-30
ACNGVM00027.jpg.jpgTowards the director: The imam informs that Hasan Seitakis is going to the Army and therefore he asks to have his other student Halil Neim of Jafer appointed in his place as Mouezinis.-1919-08-04
Towards the Crete Office of Recruitment (deleted Doc): They ask to release the Mouezini of Bilas Halatsiou from the military services [The Muslim Elders(?)].-1919-08-03
ACNGVM00021.jpg.jpgThe Muftis informs the Captain of the Gendarmerie (Mirarhos) that Moustafa Mistihakis (?) agreed with his wife Fatoumes Arnaoutopoulas to go abroad.-1902-08-20
Nizamiye'nin 35. Alayının 10. Taburu 2. Bölük efradından bazı şahıslar için düzenlenmiş evraktır. [1309]-1894
The branch of the Army Recruiting Office of Crete informs the Muslim Elders about Hasan Mpampadaki) Mbambadaki.-1923-02-10
ACNGVM00006.jpg.jpgÜzerinde “Zabitan-ı askeriye yataklarına müteallik bilumum evrak” yazan kağıt parçası.--
ACNGVM00010.jpg.jpg4. Ordu Kumandanlığı-1916-07-26
ACNGVM00003.jpg.jpgMükellefiyet-i Askeriye dahilinde olup belediyelerde kaydı ve ellerinde nüfus tezkereleri bulunmayanlardan bedel vermek isteyenlerin nüfus tezkeresi almalarına dair İlan.--
Two paged from a book concerning the Ministry of the Navy (?).--
ACNGVM00017.jpg.jpgThe Captain of the Gendarmerie (Mirarhos) is asked to prevent Housein Kouroupaki from Maroules from leaving because he has to appolize at the court for abandoning his wife and three children.-1907-07-16
ImPrinted form in the name of the Moufti, certificate used in order to prove that someone was member of the religious personnel and so be exempted from serving the Army. - Not Filled in.--
ACNGVM00002.jpg.jpgUnfilled certification edited by the Army Recruitment Office(?) concerning the discharge from army recruitment of the Muslim religious functionaries and intended to be signed by the Muftis.--
ACNGVM00020.jpg.jpgThe captain of the Gendarmerie (Mirarhos) is asked to send Ahmet Taheraki at court because there is Asuit against him by Fatoumes Arhimthopoulas who had been abandoned by him 6 years ago.-1907-02-10
The Ministry of the Army: Invitation towards all Muslim and Jew citizens of the new lands (Neon Horon) to serve to the army.-1921-08-16
ACNGVM00024.jpg.jpgThe Crete Office of Recruitment towards Council of the Muslim Elders. They are asked if there is any family connection between the refered as Hatifes of the Heih Souleiman Teke, Jilvizade (?) Seit Effendi, and Tsilivaki Sait of Etem.-1920-10-05
İslamların bedel-i nakdi tediyelerinin Ahz-ı Asker Şubesine ödenmesi hususunda ilan.-1923-01-25
ACNGVM00022.jpg.jpgCrete Military Court (Eisigitis Stratodikiou Kritis). The writer asks to be informed by the ierodiki of the Muslims on the exact day of the Bayrami.-1920-06-17
ACNGVM00019.jpg.jpgThe Gendarmerie. The trial against Ahmet Tahiraki ended, therefore he is asked not to disturb anymore the Ierodikis.-1907-02-28
Newspaper of the Government. Among other news there is an invitation by the Ministry of the Army: all of the men born in 1902 plus all of the men who had been naturalized as Greek citizens in 1920 are called to the Army.-1901-08-19
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