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ACNGVM00025.jpg.jpgTowards the Committee for the Collection of Money in favor of the war disabled. Towards Mr. Bitsaksakin: the committee asks for money.-1912-09-21
ACNGVDIV00037.jpg.jpg4th department of church and of Education/General Administration of Crete. Towards Muslim Elders of Crete: Shipment of a decision by Kostadinos, King of the Greeks and the Council of the Ministers.-1913-09-20
ACNGVF00007.jpg.jpgGeneral Administration of Crete. Towards the administration of Muslim foundations. General commander S. Krokidas writes that they have the right to distribute money of the financial aid sent to them as they wish in order to support the needy Muslims.-1919-01-25
ACNGVDIV00006.jpg.jpgGirid İslamiye Cemaati'ne Horpasta Vakfı ve Maarif Dairesi hakkında uygunsuz bir şeyler varmış gibi rapor hazırlamaya Mehmed ve Seyfeddin Efendileri gönderileceğinin bildirildiği Horpasta Cemaat-i İslamiye Şubesi Reisi imzalı mektup [22 Kanun-i Sani 1331]-1916-02-04
ACNGVDIV00038.jpg.jpgThe Governor (Genikos Diikitis) of Crete is about to leave and the Muslim community thanks him for the security, justice and progress that their country (imetera Patrida) enjoyed under his administration.-1915-04-08
ACNGVDIV00039.jpg.jpgEvkaf-ı Hümayun Nezaretine ait pusula. [3 Şubat 1330]-1915-02-16
ACNGVM00027.jpg.jpgTowards the director: The imam informs that Hasan Seitakis is going to the Army and therefore he asks to have his other student Halil Neim of Jafer appointed in his place as Mouezinis.-1919-08-04
ACNGVM00026.jpg.jpgTowards the Crete Office of Recruitment (deleted Doc): They ask to release the Mouezini of Bilas Halatsiou from the military services [The Muslim Elders(?)].-1919-08-03
ACNGVDIV00003.jpg.jpgAcknowledgement of the General Administrator of Crete, Stefanos Gragoumis, towards all the public authorites of the island providing instructions concerning the way of addressing to the general administration of Crete in documents.-1912-10-16
ACNGVE00007.jpg.jpgTo the Supreme Administration of Education. Shipment of document No 1142-1143.-1911-10-29
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