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ACNGVPR00017.jpg.jpgThe Abelouzou Mayor is asked to inform E. Hristodoulos Aliyizos (?) snd Georgios Prekatoukis (?) to present the relevant to the Evkaf leasing documents.-1902-03-19
ACNGVP00010.jpg.jpgTo the authorities depending on the Supreme Administration of Education. A, Voreadis asks for a list of all the employees working at the religious foundations that have no right to vote.-1904-10-12
ACNGVM00018.jpg.jpgThe Captain of the Gendarmerie (Mirarhos) is asked to prevent Emin Thrinithaki (?) of Ivraim from leaving because there is a case against him at the Holy Court.-1907-06-04
ACNGVM00014.jpg.jpgNewspaper of the Government. Among other news there is an invitation by the Ministry of the Army: all of the men born in 1902 plus all of the men who had been naturalized as Greek citizens in 1920 are called to the Army.-1901-08-19
ACNGVM00019.jpg.jpgThe Gendarmerie. The trial against Ahmet Tahiraki ended, therefore he is asked not to disturb anymore the Ierodikis.-1907-02-28
ACNGVPR00018.jpg.jpgTowards the Muslim Elders: answering to a relevant question consul informs that no council has the right to decide to accept no rent by occupants of Vakıf lands for the period 1897-1898.-1903-11-14
ACNGVM00020.jpg.jpgThe captain of the Gendarmerie (Mirarhos) is asked to send Ahmet Taheraki at court because there is Asuit against him by Fatoumes Arhimthopoulas who had been abandoned by him 6 years ago.-1907-02-10
ACNGVF00005.jpg.jpgTowards the Prefect: Shipment of the 1909-1910 budget.-1909-10-28
ACNGVPR00016.jpg.jpgThe director sends the prefect a copy of the decision of the council concerning the selling of water.-1905-11-22
ACNGVDIV00032.jpg.jpgTowards the religion counselor. The writer [Fazil(?)] asks for information relevant to the legislation.-1901-09-22
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