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Letter of the mufti of Rethymno to the public prosecutor of the judges of the Courts of First Instance asking that fish seller and porter Ismail Filagiarakis or Fenarakis who abandoned his wife at the present time wondering and begging at the streets.-1901-04-12
ACREVDIV00021.jpg.jpgApplication by Osman Herifaki, resident of Ierapetra. Authority: Holy Court of Rethimnis.-1916-03-18
ACREVDIV00051.jpg.jpgNote by Rethymno secretary stating that the relevant book has 100 pages.-1904-04-13
Mehmet Halatsakis, director of the Muslim Foundations is called from Ivr. Seritakis from Rethymno.--
In presence of Rethymno notary Pertev Dervisakis: Ali Aziz Skoubentedakis, public officer, resident of Rethymno, representing Antile Nistakopoula, wife of Zekap Tzedefedakis, appoints Ivraim Bountourogloudakis, unemployed, her general delegate.-1902-02-22; 1909-12-03
ACREVDIV00060.jpg.jpgIn the name of lawyers Emm. Tsouderos and Stylianos Kostogiannis, representing the director of Rethymno Muslim Foundations Kemal Karatzedakis, resident of Rethymno; towards Emm. G. Padouvas: Call to appear to the Magistrate's Court.-1915-03-16
Council no. 34, decision no. 914. The Family Council of Rethymno examines the case of the orphan Antile daughter of Moustafa Sarantakis. Her guardian Housein Sarantakis asks to be dismissed as she became of age.-1906-07-25; 1906-07-26
Towards the Rethymno public prosecutor of the Court of the First Instance. The supervisor of Rethymno Orphans' Wealth Mehmet Efendis (Efendi) Akestakis, guardian of the orphan Fatme, is appropriate and should not change.-1918-04-26
ACREVDIV00042.jpg.jpgRethymno directorate of Muslim Foundations. To Rethymno customs house: The director states that 50 straws sended from Alexandria should be delivered to the Foundations for religious purposes.-1908-09-13
ACREVDIV00026.jpg.jpgŞaban ayının gurresinin Cumartesi olduğuna dair Naib Vekili'nin yazısı.-1910-07-28
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