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ACRGVD00002.jpg.jpgThe president of the Muslim Community of Rethymno asks for protection for the Muslim families of Rethymno who took refuge into the town, since their crops are being pillaged and their houses pillaged and destroyed by patriot Christians.-1922-10-09
ACRGVD00010.jpg.jpgGeneral Administration of Crete / Kingdom of Greece. To the president of the Rethymno Council of Muslim Elders, Housein Tsitsekakis.-1921-06-11
ACRGVD00013.jpg.jpgTowards the Prime Minister and the head of the Revolution, Athens. The president of the Rethymno Council of the Muslim Elders, M. K. Karatzedakis, reports that the Muslims had been waiting to be peacefully exchanged.-1923-08-12
ACRGVD00012.jpg.jpgTowards the minister of the Public Healthcare, Iraklion. President of the Rethymno Council Muslim Elders, M. K. Karatzedakis, asks for protection from the terrorist attacks, the violence and the pillages which started the same day against Muslims.-1923-08-12
ACRGVD00016.jpg.jpgTowards the President of the Government. Rethymno Muslim Elders together with Rethymno notables complain that two more Muslim notables had been murdered while going to Maroulas village; they ask for protection.-1921-10-30
ACRGVD00019.jpg.jpgTowards the Minister of Justice: The President of Rethymno Council of the Muslim Elders complains for the attacks against the Muslims and asks for protection.-1921-06-07
ACRGVD00017.jpg.jpgThe General Commander informs Rethymno Muslim Elders that he ordered the police to form limited groups in order to protect the peace and order.-1921-10-25
ACRGVD00018.jpg.jpgTowards the General Commander of Crete: Rethymno Muslim Elders complain for the attacks against Rethymno Muslims and they report that a few days before some criminals have stolen all the goats of Mehmet Omerakis etc.-1921-10-19
ACRGVD00003.jpg.jpgRequest of the president of the Muslim Community and the notables to the Head of the Revolutionary Committee, Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs in Athens for the rescue at least of their lifes, since they were forced to abandon their properties and find shelter in Rethymno. But they are still in danger.-1922-10-02
ACRGVD00007.jpg.jpgThe proxy of the Muslim refugees at Rethymno from Voliones village, Hasan Presverakis, reports the destruction of their properties at the village and their bad situation at Rethymno, due to a lack of houses and food.-1922-11-16
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