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Director of Muslim Foundations of Rethimnis informs Rethimnis Mayorthat Housni Veis Azebouzakis and Hasan Makridakis have started to build two shops on enlarged Ekklisias Street without having the relevant permission.-1922-07-26
ACRGVPR00018.jpg.jpgStatement by Housni Selimefedaki, resident of Rethimnis, towards Rethimnis Mayor. He states that he administers the shop on Rosson Street, No 27, owned by Rethimnis Muslim Foundations and that he leases it for 65, 50 dr. per month to Stavron Palikaraki.-1905-09-15
ACRGVPR00008.jpg.jpgTo the Directorate of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations the Mayor asks for a list of the water sold by the Evkaf in January.-1913-03-28
ACRGVPR00033.jpg.jpgTowards the Administration of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations: Prefect G. Galanis informs that Muslim cemeteries are going to be the relevant lands in Rethimnis Anogion Street, Baba location.-1921-10-07
ACRGVPR00031.jpg.jpgThe Director of Administration of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations asks Mayor of Hamalevrou Village to inform the Rural Police that the Administration authorized Manouson Adonogeorgakin to cultivate the Vakıf lands at Abele and Ftena locations.-1922-07-07
ACRGVPR00030.jpg.jpgStatement of Ivrahim Perisaki, resident of Rethimnis, towards Rethimnis Mayor. Ivrahim Perisaki states that he has rented the No 81 shop of the Administration in Prigipos Street to Ali Smanalaki for 96 dr. per year.-1906-09-25
Nazili, wife of Ahmet Haji Hasanakiamnazis. In presence of Rethimnis Prefect Georgiou Mari, Director: leasing of the Vakıf lands of Nazli, wife of Ahmet Haji Hasanaki, in Amnados Village, for 2 years, through auction.-1900-07-11; 1906-07-16
Rethimnis Court of First Instance represented by the President Fraji Frajenskaki, proposer, and the Judges Mihail Kokolaki and Nikolaou Stratoudaki.-1909-04-08
Directorate of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations. To Rethimnis Municipality the Director sends a list of the people who bought water from the aqueduct owned by the Directorate.-1915-05-13
The Nomarch (Nomarhis) of Rethimnis. The Manager of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations asked for permision to sell through auction real estate accepted.-1918-07-15
Rethimnis Parish. Towards Rethimnis Prefect: President and Priest representative (Arhieratikos Epitropos, Skevofilax) ask for free water from the city's aqueduct, which is administered by Rethimnis Evkaf in order to keep school toilets and cemeteries clean.-1914-09-18
Towards the Rethimnis Prefecture: the Director reports that together with the Inspector for the Relief of the Refugees, he visited the buildings of the Administration of Muslim Foundations where they had been settled and noticed that there are a lot of damages.-1922-11-12
Among other news and announcements there are a lot of publications concerning deliveries.-1914-07-18
ACRGVPR00007.jpg.jpgHousni Selimefedaki states towards the Mayor of Rethimnis that he rents a residence for 112 dr.-1905-09-15
ACRGVPR00044.jpg.jpgLetter [of unidentified sender] to the mayor of Anogia asking for the payment of rents ['itzaredes'] of past years of the residents of Anogia, for the Vakf mountain of Idi.-1919-01-08
Towards Rethimnis Muslim Community: the Minister of Finances Dimitrios Barlas informs that: Law No 1640 is in force as far as the properties of the community are concerned and that it is going to enter the previous immunity (untaxed properties).-1921-08-24
Rethimnis Mouftis quote the relevant laws of the 'City of Crete' and supports that he never had the right to administer the land property of the Evkaf.-1919-08-28
ACRGVPR00004.jpg.jpgCity of Crete, the Muninipality of Eleftherneon, Mayor Drosakis. Towards the Administration of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations: leasing of a land at the location Stomio by Georgios Koniakis to be confirmed.-1902-03-29
ACRGVPR00039.jpg.jpgTowards the Idronomon of the Rethimnis Aquarium (idragogion): Director of Muslim Foundations of Rethimnis informs the employee that N. Psaroudakis has bought one masura of water for his house in Kostadinoupoleos Street.-1922-06-06
ACRGVPR00006.jpg.jpgRethimnis Mouftis sends a list of the land property left to the Muslim Schools of Rethimno by Haji Ivraim Lada.-1919-08-28
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