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ACRGVO00001.jpg.jpgLetter to the Muslim Elders from Nomarch. They are asked to submit information to Supreme Administration Ipati Armostia of Izmir asked, that's whether the supervision of the Muslim orphans properties is supervising the property of Ahmet Oumbasi Agadaki's orphans.--
ACRGVO00007.jpg.jpgPresident of Muslim Elders informs the Bank of Athens that according to the relevant Regulation-Katastatikon of Muslim Council, the President of Administration of Muslim Foundations has the right to act also as Inspector and Administrator of Properties of Orphans.-1922-08-01
Towards Rethimnis Prefecture: the President of the Muslim Elders reports that Ahmet Vejih Efendis Hajidakis had been appointed Director of Rethimnis Administration and Inspector of the Orphan Properties.-1921-02-24
ACRGVO00003.jpg.jpgKingdom of Greece. Rethimnis Muslim Elders. Towards the Rethimnou Prefect: the President reports that Vejah Hajidakis had been appointed Director and Inspector of the Orphan Properties in the position of Moustafa Kemal Karajedaki who resigned.-1921-03-01
ACRGVO00006.jpg.jpgThe Mayor P. P. Pekhas informs the Council of the Rethimnis Elders that the Municipal Engineer decided to demolish the Residence of the Orphans Edehem Vrahinadaki, located next to the store because of the enlargement of Ekklisias Street.-1922-06-01
ACRGVO00005.jpg.jpgRethimnis Public Prosecutor asks Rethimnis Elders to immediately appoint, according to the law, a guardian for the orphan children of Mahmut Ali Hajidakiö, resident of Perivolion Rethimnou.-1921-11-23
The Public Prosecutor asks Rethimnis Moufti: if there is an Official Guardian of the under age orphan Kioumara and why Adile of Dervis Serifaki is not guardian of her own legal daughter Kioumbras.-1917-09-01
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