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ACRGVDIV00004.jpg.jpgLetter of the public prosecutor of Rethymno to the holy judge as president of the Muslim Council of Elders asking for the dispatchment of a list with the names and the places of residence of the persons prohibited to vote.-1900-12-18
ACRGVDIV00013.jpg.jpgRethymno mufti asks the prefect of Rethymno to send to the Foundations writing material.-1918-08-02
ACRGVDIV00021.jpg.jpgRethimnis Mouftis, answering to a relevant question, certifies that Fatoume of Hasan Perdikaki is first niece of Ali Avni Skoubededaki.-1919-10-01
ACRGVDIV00044.jpg.jpgDersaadet'ten Resmo Muhtacin-i İslamiye Komisyonu'na çekilen telgraf [9 Mayıs 1315]-1899-05-21
ACRGVDIV00008.jpg.jpgThe prefect of Rethymno informs the holy judge that according to the law concerning the Muslim Elders, the prefecture must be supplied with all muftis' in charge at the prefecture of Rethymno names and surnames, as also with the number of all Muslim families.-1920-10-13
Rethymno mufti sends to the prefect of Rethymno a list of all the mosques and tekkes in prefecture of Rethymno.-1918-02-22
The Directorate of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations. To Rethimnis Prefecture shipment of a document.-1913-02-28; 1913-04-22
The Directorate of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations. To Rethimnis Prefecture shipment of a document.-1913-02-11
ACRGVDIV00039.jpg.jpgRethimnis Prefect asks the Moufti Rethimnis for a list of the mosques and tekes of the Muslims.-1918-02-16
ACRGVDIV00007.jpg.jpgThe prefect of Rethymno announces the formation of the new government; its members are: Dimitrios Rallis, P. Tsaldaris, N. Kalogeropoulos, Zaimis, K. Mauromihalis, D. Gounaris and Ioan. Rallis.-1920-11-06
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