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Rethimnis Mouftis and Ierodikis asks the Director of Rethimnis Translator's Office for the translation of the application of Fatoumes Borkopoulas against Hasan Fafoulaki, in Turkish.-1912-05-07; 1912-05-27
ACRGVDIV00049.jpg.jpgTo Rethimnis Prefect: the Mouftis sends a list of the writing material needed by the Foundation from September to December 1915.-1915-09-16
ACRGVDIV00066.jpg.jpgRethimnis Council of the Muslim Elders. Towards Rethimnis Prefecture: shipment of a document.-1918-06-21
ACRGVDIV00072.jpg.jpgThe Administration of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations. Towards the Perfect: shipment of a document.-1913-05-06
Towards the Supreme Administration of Education and of Justice. The Ierodikis I. F. Toutoun Zades sends a list of the writing material needed by the Foundation.-1909-01-12; 1912-09-13
Towards Rethimnis Public Prosecutor.-1911-10-08
ACRGVDIV00051.jpg.jpgThe Mouftis sends the Supreme General Administration of Crete a list of the writing material needed by the Foundation from 1914 to 1915.-1914-10-25
ACRGVDIV00050.jpg.jpgLerodikio of Rethimnis Prefecture. To the Directorate of Rethimnis Translators' Office: Mouftis sends an application by Lawyer Petrou D. Manousaki in Greek and asks for it to be translated into Turkish in order to be examined at the Holy Court.-1915-01-27
ACRGVDIV00059.jpg.jpgIerodikion of Rethimnis. Towards the Rethimnis Prefecture: the Rethimnis Ierodikis and Muftis sends a list of the writing material used by the Foundation the last 4 months.-1916-02-20
Answering to a previous document the mouftis writes that the concerned person is mentioned as 'Halifes', however, he is not recognized as imamis or hojas by the Holy Court.-1917-05-29
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