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ACRGVM00079.jpg.jpgTowards the Office of Recruitment, Department of Rethimnis: Certificate concerning the religious servant Saki Ondabasaki of Haji Hasan.-1922-10-21
ACRGVM00074.jpg.jpgTowards the Rethimnis Prefect the applicant had been serving as Mouezinis of the Halvedidon Teke since 1917, when he was appointed by the Hiehis Remadan Volionitakis (?) and till he was called to the Army.-1918-06-21
ACRGVM00063.jpg.jpgThe Recruitment Office of Crete to the Moufti of Rethimnis. M. Varnavas asks for a confiramtion that the sign of the Hiehou Avdoulkadir Baba at the application of Housein Dervisalidaki is original and what is the meaning of being Rehber Teke of Kadridon.-1918-01-04
The Crete Office of Recruitment informs the Moufti Rethimnis that the statement of the Hiehou Selababadaki Haji Ali that he had appointed his son Selababadaki Naoum as Hiehi at the Naxidon Teke had been rejected.-1918-02-12
ACRGVM00045.jpg.jpgM. Varnavas from the Crete Office of Recruitment asks the Moufti Rethimnis if Oustazes Mehmet Alis is imammis at a teke or at a teke with a mosque.-1918-05-03
ACRGVM00032.jpg.jpgRethimnis Mouftis asks that the Muslim soldiers are provided with a five days leave in order to attend the Muslim religious celebration.-1919-08-17
Rethimnis Mouftis certifies that Bestrakis Mehmet Izet of Arif was appointed Mouezinis in the Cami Kioutsouk H. Ivraim in 1918.-1918-05-14
ACRGVM00087.jpg.jpgPresident of of Muslim Foundations of Rethimnis informs Recruitment Office that Sakis Veisagadakis has been appointed Halifes at Holy Nakhidon Teke of Hiehou Ahmet Talat Hajibeikiraki, after resignement of Housni Kariotaki of Souleiman from the same position.-1922-07-19
ACRGVM00067.jpg.jpgGeneral Administration of Crete. To the President of Rethimnis Muslim Community.-1921-07-30
M. Varnavas from Crete Office of Recruitment asks Rethimnis Mouftis if at Kadridon Teke there's also a mosque and if yes why Teke's Heihis did not declare that Earlier but he now supports that Tokakin Sakki of Haider is mouezinis not of teke but of mosque.-1918-05-19
Letters of Prefecture to the Administration of the Muslim Foundations: the President of the Temporary Government (Proedros Tis Prosorinis Kuverniseos), Ms Benizelos has ordered to find 3 Hotzades in order to serve the Muslims of the Army Forces at Crete.-1917-05-22; 1917-05-29
ACRGVM00073.jpg.jpgThe applicant had been serving as Mouezinis of the Nakihidon Teke since the 1st of August 1914, when he was appointed by the Hiehou Ivraim Neim Selababadaki and till he was called to the Army.-1918-06-21
ACRGVM00070.jpg.jpgRethimnis Mouftis informs Chania Office of Recruitment that there are neither official lists of men at the Holy Court nor the documents of those who are choosing the Ottoman citizenship and therefore he cannot provide the information they asked him.-1917-04-26
ACRGVM00010.jpg.jpgRethimnis Mouftis asks for a copy of the order by the Ministry of Army.-1918-07-21
ACRGVM00001.jpg.jpgTelegraph from the 5 hospital in Dedeagaç to the Mayor of Rethimnis informing that the soldier Horiatobraimakis Ivraim Huseyn died the same day.-1923-03-09
Council of Rethimnis Muslim Elders. To the Minister of Religions and Public Education: the Naval Forces which had been send to Crete are occupying the buildings of the Muslim School of the Boys and of the Sewing School of the Girls.-1921-08-05
ACRGVM00061.jpg.jpgThe Recruitment Office of Crete to the Moufti of Rethimnis. Varnavas asks for a confirmation that sign of Hiehou Behaedin Alemdaraki at application of Karalakis Moustafas of Aziz is original and that applicant is really needed for the services of Mosque.-1918-01-05
ACRGVM00030.jpg.jpgRethimnis Mouftis, answering to a relevant question by the Office of Recruitment, states that religious servants at each cami are appointed by Council of the Muslim Elders or by the Holy Court (Ierodikio).-1918-01-09
ACRGVM00086.jpg.jpgDirector of Muslim Foundations of Rethimnis informs Cretan Office of Recruitment that Hasan Noumanakis and Javel Perissakis have been appointed Halifes and Mouezinis, respectively, at the Holy Halvetidon Teke of the Hiehou Remadan Efendou Bolionitaki.-1922-06-06
The Recruitment Office of Crete to the Moufti of Rethimnis. M. Varnavas asks if Remandan Volionitakis is Halifes or Hiehis because they had been presented as Halifes at the Alemtaraki Behaedin Teke and as Heihis at the Teke of Halveji.-1918-01-25; 1918-02-07
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