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Letter of the Mayor of Rethimno to the Directory of the Muslim Religious Foundations of Rethimno concerning the revenues from the sale of the stones taken out from the former Muslim Cemetery.-1920-07-13
Approval of the Prefecture of Rethimno the budget of the Muslim Religious Foundations of Rethimno for the period 1-4-1920 to the end of March 1921.-1920-06-26
Rethinmis Prefect G. Galanis asks the Director of Muslim Religious Foundations of Rethimnis to inform his secretary Ivraim Ef. Perisaki that he has to appear in office of the Prefecture in order to provide explanations relevant to the budget and calculations.-1922-07-19; 1922-07-21
ACRGVF00019.jpg.jpgRethimnis Council of the Muslim Elders. Towards Rethimnis Prefecture: shipment of the budget of the Administration of the Foundations from the 1st of April 1921 to March 1922.-1921-05-13
Muslim Community of Rethimnou. To the Ministry of Financial Affairs: according to the laws of the City of Crete and of the Kingdom of Greece (Detailed References) Rethimnis Muslim Community is recognised as a community of religious character.-1921-06-15
ACRGVF00018.jpg.jpgAdministration of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations.-1922-07-02
ACRGVF00021.jpg.jpgThe Director of the Administration of the Rethimnis Muslim Religious Foundations asks the local office of the Bank of Athens to pay to the accountant of the Administration Yusuf İfet Dervisakin 7.000 dr.-1922-07-19
ACRGVF00010.jpg.jpgRethimnis Muslim Community. Towards the Ministry of Financial Affairs the Director of the Muslim Foundations asks for the release of the Directorate from the taxes according to the law.-1921-08-17
ACRGVF00008.jpg.jpgThe Council of Rethimnis Mulim Elders states that the Directorate of the Muslim Foundations never sold grave stones.-1924-08-14
Kingdom of Greece, Municipality of Rethimnis towards the Administration of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations.-1923-08-20
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