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Order by Avag. Th. Apostolaki, Lawyer, resident of Rethimnis against Rethimnis Muslim Elders, repesented by the President Paif Jijarapaki and the Director of the Muslim Foundations and Inspector.-1910-11-03
ACRGVF00016.jpg.jpgRethimnis Municipality. Rethimnis Evkaf pays 2 dr. to Rethimnis Municipality for a repairing permission.-1910-10-09
ACRGVF00015.jpg.jpgAdministration of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations. Receipt of payment. 2.10 dr. is payed to Rethimnis Municipality for providing permissions for the restoration of a variety of buildings.-1910-10-19
ACRGVF00005.jpg.jpgRethimnis Mouftis states that the Religious Court had never had the right to administer Rethimnis Evkaf.-1919-05-13
ACRGVF00011.jpg.jpgTo Rethimnis Ierodiki: Rethimnis Financial Inspector asks about the kapini left to the late Kado Mehmet Bilalopoula by her husband.-1919-01-29
Rethimnis Financial Inspector asks Rethimnis Holy Court (Ierodikion) about the kapini left to Kaneo Barotoupoulan by her husband Rejep Moulamehmetaki and the kapini left to Nourizit Safoglaki by her husband Jafer Kazixidakis.-1919-01-04; 1919-01-08
ACRGVF00006.jpg.jpgThe President of Council of Rethimnis Muslim Elders sends to the Prefect of Rethimnis the budget of the Muslim Foundations and asks for approval.-1918-04-25
Rethimnis Mouftis sends a list of the expenses of the Foundation.-1918-01-10; 1918-01-15
ACRGVF00004.jpg.jpgRethimnis Mouftis asks for the relevant amount of money that the Foundation receives in order to buy writing material.-1918-11-15
ACRGVF00007.jpg.jpgThe Council sends to the Prefect of Rethimnis a copy of its budget for the new year.-1918-04-09
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