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To the Ministry of Religions and Education. Rethimnis Mouftis: he informs that the Inspector of Education of Rethimnis Periphery asked that Muslim girls appear without a head scarf in front of him in order to be identified for the exam at the gym class.-1916-04-30
ACRGVE00014.jpg.jpgTowards the Supreme Administration of Education and of Justice. Rethimnis Ierodikis sends a document.-1912-08-22
ACRGVE00016.jpg.jpgTowards the President of Rethimnis Council of the Muslim Elders: the Director of Rethimnis Muslim Girls' School Nazli Noumaritaki informs about the needs of the school (painting, repairing certain classes, buying new material etc.)-1921-06-10
ACRGVE00013.jpg.jpgThe Inspector of the Rethimnis Educational Periphery. The Buildings of the Muslim Schools have been attached to serve for the settlement of the refugees and the Muslim parents complain because the schools had been cloosed.-1922-11-30
ACRGVE00009.jpg.jpgTo the President of Council of Rethimnis Muslim Elders: answering to a previous letter the Administration informs that the Council has the right to appoint committees and the Ierodikis the right to judge all cases which concern those committees.-1902-07-05
ACRGVE00015.jpg.jpgPresident of Rethimnis Council of Muslim Elders asks the Inspector of Education if it's true that Captain of Navy (Diikitis Naftikou Agimatos) stated that building of Muslim Professional School is going to be given to be used as class of Muslim Boys' School.-1921-09-22
Towards Ministry of Education: President Rethimnis Council of Muslim Elders complains for the cancellation of differentiation between 4 classes in the Christian schools and 7 classes in the Muslim ones, regulated according to the law of the Cretan State.-1922-07-07
ACRGVE00012.jpg.jpgMinistry of Religions and of National Education. Towards the Rethimnis Mufti: the Minister L. Mihelidakis informs that he ordered the Inspector of the Rethimnis School to allow to the Muslim Girls to cover their face and head freely.-1916-05-09
Kingdom of Greece/ Supreme Administration of Education. The Education Counselor sends a document to Rethimnis Council of the Muslim Elders.-1909-06-25; 1909-06-24
Rethimnis Mouftis supports that the dramatic decrease of the number of the Muslim students into the schools is due to the financial problems most of the Muslims are facing it is also possible that there are secret Muslim schools in Rethimno.-1919-11-20
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