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ACRGVDIV00075.jpg.jpgTowards the Mayor of Hamalevri Village, Eparchy of Rethimnis: the Director of Administration of the Rethimnis Muslim Religious Foundations sends some posters, signed by the Administration and asks him to have them hung in the center of the village.-1922-08-03
ACRGVDIV00073.jpg.jpgRethimnis Holy Court. Towards Rethimnis Prefecture: Rethimnis Mouftis sends a list of the writing material needed by the Foundation.-1924-07-31
ACRGVO00005.jpg.jpgRethimnis Public Prosecutor asks Rethimnis Elders to immediately appoint, according to the law, a guardian for the orphan children of Mahmut Ali Hajidakiö, resident of Perivolion Rethimnou.-1921-11-23
ACRGVM00077.jpg.jpgTowards the Office of Recruitment, Department of Rethimnis: certificate concerning the religious servant Javit Perissaki of Ivraim.-1922-10-20
ACRGVPR00037.jpg.jpgTowards Pappa Emmanouil Androulidaki: the Director of Administration of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations reminds him that he had payed only 100 dr. and that he still owes 160 dr. for occupying a residence of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations since 1918.-1921-06-07
ACRGVM00065.jpg.jpgMescidlerde hizmet eden hatip, müderris, vaiz ve müezzinlerin isimleri ve hangi askeri sınıfa dahil bulunduklarına dair bir listenin tanzim ve irsaline dair alınan Resmo İhtiyar Meclisi Riyaset-i Aliyesi'ne gönderilen karar.-1921-07-26; 1921-07-28
ACRGVPR00024.jpg.jpgTowards the Rethimnis Employee who is responsible for the water (Idronomos): the Director informs that Yousouf Doukakis, Remadan Mousadakis and Markos Papadakis bought 1/2 masoura of water each, from Administration of the Rethimnis Muslim Foundations.-1922-08-22
ACRGVM00080001.jpg.jpgRethimnis Administration of the Muslim Foundations. Towards the Crete Office of Recruitment: shipment of a list with all religious servants of Rethimnis (detailed list).-1921-11-20; 1921-11-27
ACRGVEP00005.jpg.jpgTowards Georgion Athanasiadi, Lawyer and to Mr. O. Manousaki, Lawyer: the Director of Rethimnis Muslim Foundations asks him to send a list of the money owed to him by the Administration.-1924-04-05
ACRGVFM00011.jpg.jpgRethimnis Prefect asks Rethimnis Ierodiki to inform the Muslim population that the state will take a census on the 18th and 19th of December.-1920-11-12
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