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ACLGVPR00003.jpg.jpgLetter of the official of the Mortgage Registry of the Village Vahou N.G. Papamantheakis to Ewkaf's Directory informing that according to the sale document of the Notary of Irakliou N. Vavouraki, Haji Mehmet Veis Hanialakis sold to Nikolaou Katoyianakin.-1914-12-27
ACLGVPR00004.jpg.jpgLetter of the Administration of the Muslim Religious Foundations to Abetin Hojakakin, asking to take care for the amendment of the graves at the Muslim cemetery of Roukamas? and to acknowledge to the Administration the Expensed Sum.-1915-01-14
Letter of the nomarch of Lasithiou to Muslim Council of Elders giving permission, according to the decision of Muslim Council of Elders No.70, to purchase the estates belonging to its former director Huseyn Moutafaki.-1912-10-03
ACLGVPR00006.jpg.jpgLetter of the Ewkaf's Director of Lasithiou to Abetin Hojakaki asking him to use the funds from the rents of his village (Roukamas?) for the enclosure of all the graves of the Muslim cemetery of the same village and to notify's such a work isn't needed.-1915-01-31
Letter of the Administration's Director of Muslim Religious Foundations to Konstantinon Drakaki's notary asking the delivery of the warrants of attorney concenring the liquidation of Selim Ousta Mehmetaki's auctioned estate. Also reply of the notary.-1914-06-24; 1914-06-27
Replying letter of the Notary of Neapolis Dimitris Lirakis to the Administration of Muslim Religious Foundations of Lasithiou Concerning the auction ınitiated by Moustafa HajiIvraimaki and the dispatched related document No. 15189.-1915-09-29
Letter of the Merchant of the Village of Piskokefalo of Sitias Dimitrios Vazakis to the Directory of Muslim Religious Foundations of the Prefecture of Lasithiou concerning his interest of Purchasing half of a Wakf estate.-1916-01-02; 1916-01-12
Letter of Ewkaf's director to the official of the Mortgage Registry of the Peace Tribunal to find in Transcriptions' Books the prices for wakf estates' sale located at Magoula and Vahouby the Manager of the Monotelon Wakfs Haji Mehmet Beis Hanialakis.-1914-12-20; 1915-01-10
Letter of the Ewkaf's Director of Lasithiou to the official of the Mortgage Registry of Pefkou of Lasithiou asking for the issuing of a certification including the numbers of the contracts proving the sale of four estates by Haji Mehmet Veis Hanialakis.-1915-01-31
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