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ACLGVP00054.jpg.jpgKingdom of Greece - Prefecture of Lasithi. Order to the Mufti of the Holy Court of Lasithi from the part of the Prefecture of Lasithi to submit a list of wages at the end of each month.-1911-03-18
ACLGVP00052.jpg.jpgTowards the Supreme Administration of Education and of Religion. Lasithiou Muftis reports that the Secretary of the foundation is still in kept in his house-1908-04-07
The Lasithiou Muftis Moustafa Rahit sends salary lists of the employees of the foundation for September, October And November.-1908-10-06; 1908-12-01
From the Vice President of the Council of Lasithiou Muslim Elders, towards: Atif Katiglanni and Moustafa Kaji Ivraimaki (?), members of the council.-1906-07-23
Lasithiou Mouftis Moustafa Rahit sends Lasithiou prefecture the salary list of the employees-1908-05-20; 1908-09-01
Prefecture (Nomarchy) of Lasithiou)Agios Nikolaos. Towards the Managers of the Public Servises (Dimosies ipiresies) in the Province (Nomos): they are informed that law No 598 which refered to reducing the salary of the employees will not be applyed any more.-1906-01-28
ACLGVP00051.jpg.jpgTowards the supreme Administration of Education and of Religion. Lasithiou Muftis Moustafa Rahit reports that the Secretary of the Foundation Mehmet Hojakalakis returned on April 27-1908-05-02
ACLGVP00039.jpg.jpgTowards Lasithiou Council of the Muslim Elders: Lasithiou Prefect sends the document of the appointment of Mehmet Hajİsmailaki as Substitute Member of the Council-1911-02-26
ACLGVP00032.jpg.jpgTowards Lasithiou Prefect. The president of Lasithiou Council of the Muslim Elders sends the translation of the documents of the appointment of the director of the Muslim foundations-1916-08-15
ACLGVP00029.jpg.jpgTowards Lasithiou Prefecture. Lasithiou Ierodikis Moustafa Rahit sends a list of the ınstitution's employees for their salaries for October to be payed-1907-11-04
ACLGVP00024.jpg.jpgThe ıerodikis Lasithiou sends Lasithiou prefecture the salary list of the foundation's employees for month october 1904-1904-10-31
ACLGVP00017.jpg.jpgThe writer (Director of Muslim Foundations (?)) informs the prefect about the salaries that had not been yet payed--
Lasithiou Mouftis Moustafas Rahit sends to the Prefect a salary list of the people working by the Foundation.-1904-11-30; 1910-07-03
ACLGVP00033.jpg.jpgPresident of Lasithiou Muslim Foudations informs Lasithiou Prefecture that the employees of council, thus the director of the Muslim foundations, the accountant and the imaides receive their salary from the Muslim council and not from the public treasury-1916-09-22
To the Supreme Administration of Education. List of the employees at Lasithiou Holy Court (Ierodikion): Moustafa Rahit Imamzades, Ierodikis, Mehmet Sami Hojakalakis, Secretary, Mehmet Seirakis, Bailiff.-1904-10-18
Towards President of Ierapetras Council of Muslim elder: Hajim Veilarakis supports that the appointment of Ahmet Velihoudi Hajiefedi director of administration isn't legal because he's married to sister of vice president of Muslim council Ali Vei Kadoglaki-1916-07-22; 1916-09-07
Lasithiou prefect G. Sifakis (?) Had been informed directory of Lasithiou Muslim Foundations that the director didn't pay the salary of responsible for the water employee Ousman Souleimanagadaki on time (Idronomos) and of the Mouezini Ivraim Babalakis.-1904-11-30
ACLGVP00049.jpg.jpgApplication of Secretary of Ierapetrou Holy Court. Towards Administration of Education and of Religion Lasithiou Ierodikis writes on behalf of applicant that his daughter caught smallpox and for that reason police doesn't allow him to go out of his house.-1908-03-14
ACLGVP00045.jpg.jpgAdministration of Education and of Justice. The Consul D. Xanthoudidis informs K. Seit Fikri Dervihialakin that he had been appointed commissioner (Epitropos) of Lasithiou Holy Court in the Meramvelou Eparchy.-1905-07-05
ACLGVP00030.jpg.jpgTowards Lasithiou Prefecture. Lasithiou Muftis Moustafa Rahit informs that according to the order of the perfect, for month September he received the salary of the kadi (120 dr.)-1907-11-05
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