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ACLGVDIV00004.jpg.jpgThe Mayor of Ierapetra informs the population about the 25th of March celebrations and asks for their participation.-1911-03-22
Ierapetras Municipality. Program of the official Celebrations for the 25th of March.-1907-03-23
Municipality of Kavousiou. To the Director of the Ierapetras Evkaf he is asked to take measures against the locusts.-1905-02-07; 1904-03-31
Municipality of Ierapetrou. official Program of the 23th of April 1906: the Ierapetrou Mayor P. H. Papastefanidis (?) invites all citizens to the celebrations.-1906-04-21
ACLGVDIV00009.jpg.jpgThe Mayor of Tourlotis send a shipment to the Director of Lasithiou Muslim Foundations.-1905-01-04
ACLGVDIV00002.jpg.jpgLetter of the Mayor of Ierapetrou to Muslim Religious Foundations Director of Lasithiou, following the order No. 1283/227 of the Supreme Directory of Economy, asking for the submission of a table.-1916-12-08
ACLGVDIV00012.jpg.jpgTo the Director of the Lasithinou Muslim Foundations from the Mayor of Itanou shipment of a document.--
ACLGVDIV00016.jpg.jpgCity of Crete/ Ierapetras Municipality/ Program of the celebrations for the 25th of March, signed by the Mayor K.H. Koundouros.-1905-03-23
Correspondences of Supreme Administration of Education and of Justice.-1904-03-10; 1906-08-02
ACLGVDIV00001.jpg.jpgAnnouncement of the Municipality of Ierapetras of the program for the Celebration for the Name Feast of the King George I of Greece.-1907-04-23
ACLGVDIV00013.jpg.jpgThe writer the Mayors of Sitias, Karidiou and Itanou asks for the shipment of a list (?).-1902-11-30
ACLGVDIV00011.jpg.jpgThe Mayor of Sitias informs the Director of Lasithiou Muslim Foundations that nobody appeared to provide him with information.-1904-12-02
Lasithiou Prefect informs the Director of Lasithiou Muslim Foundations that according to the court the accusations against Sami Hojakalaki are not valid and he is not any more out of law.-1904-03-31
ACLGVDIV00017.jpg.jpgidentity Certificate. Ierapetras Eparchy/ Muslim Greek Citizen….-1923
ACLGVDIV00019.jpg.jpgThe Ierapetrou Mayor P. H. Papastefanakis (?) announces the program of the celebration for the 9th of December 1906.-1906-12-08
ACLGVDIV00015.jpg.jpgTowards the Prefect: the President of the Council of Lasithiou Muslim Foundations M. S. Hojakalaki sends a document.-1916-07-13
Towards the Director of Lasithiou Muslim Foundations Lasithiou Prefect Sifakis (?) answering to a previous letter states that all Mayors have to inform the court in case of infringement but it is not always possible the Muslim individuals can do it as well.-1904-03-23
ACLGVDIV00005.jpg.jpgLasithiou Prefect asks the Moufti to informe him exactely about the day he will leave his work.-1910-08-10
ACLGVDIV00010.jpg.jpgThe Director of the Muslim Foundations sends Lasithiou Prefect copies of some documents.-1903; 1904
ACLGVDIV00003.jpg.jpgNote of the Nomarch of Lasithiou to the Muslim Council of Elders accompanying the dispatchment of the decision of the prefecture No.257/1912.-1912-10-03
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