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Mukaddema Yunan Askeri tarafından alınmış olan mekkare hayvanatının mukabilinin muamelesi için Estiye'den gelecek bankalar ile tebdili hakkında ilan. [9 Teşrin-i Sani 1334]-1918-11-09
Towards the Supreme Administration of Education. The Lasithiou Ierodikis Moustafas Rahit sends the money received as court taxes from the Holy Court.-1904-01-04; 1906-08-02
Towards the Supreme Administration of Education. Lasithiou Ierodikis Moustafa Rahit reports that the tax incomes of the Foundation during February were 7.50 dr.-1905-03-02
Towards the Supreme Administration of Education. The Lasithiou Ierodikis Mustafa Rahit sends the Money from the Court Taxes.-1907-02-04; 1907-04-05
ACLGVF00007.jpg.jpgTowards the Administration of Education. Lasithiou Muftis (Ierodikis) Moustafa Rahit, informs that during September the court received 4.65 dr.-1907-10-15
The Sub-Secretary of the Magistrates Court (Irinodikio) of Ierapetro received by the Manager of the Administration of Ierapetro 73.90 dr. as tax for various cases.-1909-02-20
ACLGVF00001.jpg.jpgApplication of the School Committee of the Muslim Girls School of Sitias to the Director of the Ewkaf in Ierapetra asking for the funding of the School with 50 drahmas in order to cover observed lacks.-1915-05-10
Lasithiou Prefecture. Towards the Administration of the Lasithiou Muslim Foundation. Approval of the Financial Statements of the Administration of the Muslim Foundations.-1902; 1905-02-17
Towards the Ottoman Supervision (Othomaniki Eforia) of Lasithiou Administration: Lasithiou Governor (Diikitis) informs that the General Administration decided to provide the Supervision of Education with a financial support of 25000 Gr.-1881-10-07
City of Crete. Lasithiou Prefecture. Agios Nikolaos / Towards the Administration of the Lasithiou Muslim Foundations: shipment of a document: approval of the budget of 1904-1905 of the Lasithiou Ierodikion: incomes: 84114, 08 / expenses: 45736,23.-1904; 1905-02-17
The Mayor of Himerias informs the Director of the Ottoman Bank of Ierapetras that he had already paid his debts to Emmanouil Moudajin and to Mr. Kothrin and therefore he asks to wait a little bit and he will pay all his debts.-1905-01-14
ACLGVF00008.jpg.jpgTowards the President of Lasithiou Muslim Elders/ Ierapetra: Lasithiou Prefect Siradakis asks about the Financial Condition of the Council and about how much money it can offer for the Muslims Schools.-1916-07-25
Towards the President of the Lasithiou Council of the Muslim Elders: the Lasithiou Prefect informs that he is not approving the Financial Statement of 1902 concerning the Lasithiou Muslim Foundations: incomes: 10491, 10/ expenses: 10484, 98.-1904-04-12
The Director of the Lasithinou Muslim Foundations sends the Mayors of the Eparchy of Sitias a lists of the people who owe Money to the Foundations and asks to make them pay.-1904-09-31; 1904-10-04
ACLGVF00002.jpg.jpgIn Front of the Administration of Public Education and Religion (Anotera Diefthinsis Tis Dimosias Ekpedefseos and Thriskevmaton), they suggest that Ivraim Mbambalakis resident of Spinalogga will be appointed Teacher at the School of Spina Logga.-1902-02-10
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