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ACLGVP00027.jpg.jpgTowards Lasithiou Prefecture. Lasithiou muftis (ıerodikis) moustafa rahit, ınforms that he had been appointed and that he took the oath-1907-10-12
To the Supreme Administration of Education and of Justice. The Council of Lasithiou Muslim Elders complains that the Mayor of Agios Nikolaos denied to accept the taking the oath by the new appointed Director of the Administration of the Muslim Foundations.-1907-02-19
ACLGVP00028.jpg.jpgTowards Lasithiou Prefecture. Lasithiou Mouftis Moustafa Rahit sends the list of the ınstitution's employees for their salaries to be payed for September-1907-09-02
ACLGVP00030.jpg.jpgTowards Lasithiou Prefecture. Lasithiou Muftis Moustafa Rahit informs that according to the order of the perfect, for month September he received the salary of the kadi (120 dr.)-1907-11-05
Towards the Supreme Administration of Education. The Lasithiou Ierodikis Mustafa Rahit sends the Money from the Court Taxes.-1907-02-04; 1907-04-05
ACLGVF00007.jpg.jpgTowards the Administration of Education. Lasithiou Muftis (Ierodikis) Moustafa Rahit, informs that during September the court received 4.65 dr.-1907-10-15
Ierapetras Municipality. Program of the official Celebrations for the 25th of March.-1907-03-23
ACLGVP00029.jpg.jpgTowards Lasithiou Prefecture. Lasithiou Ierodikis Moustafa Rahit sends a list of the ınstitution's employees for their salaries for October to be payed-1907-11-04
Lasithiou Mouftis Moustafa Rahit informs the Supreme Administration of Education that according to the law concerning the Muslim community (no 434), a kadis and a mouftis should be appointed in each Holy Court (Ierodikion).-1907-11-24
ACLGVP00014.jpg.jpgLasithiou Mouftis Moustafa Rahit sends to the prefecture of Lasithiou a salary list of the people working at the foundation for November 1907-1907-12-02
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