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ACLGVDIV00019.jpg.jpgThe Ierapetrou Mayor P. H. Papastefanakis (?) announces the program of the celebration for the 9th of December 1906.-1906-12-08
Council of administration of Muslim foundations ınforms commissioner aleksandro zaimi according to law 434 ex evkaf and Orphans Bank became part of foundation which's called Muslim Foundations' administration.-1906-10-09
ACLGVP00021.jpg.jpgLasithiou Ierodikis Moustafa Rahit sends Lasithiou prefecture a salary list of the the employees at the foundation for December 1905-1906-01-08
Towards the Consul of Education. The writer supports that Mehmet Hioukri Balouk Eminaki (?) should be appointed teacher of the Fortetsas School.-1906-12-17
Correspondences of Supreme Administration of Education and of Justice.-1904-03-10; 1906-08-02
Municipality of Ierapetrou. official Program of the 23th of April 1906: the Ierapetrou Mayor P. H. Papastefanidis (?) invites all citizens to the celebrations.-1906-04-21
From the Vice President of the Council of Lasithiou Muslim Elders, towards: Atif Katiglanni and Moustafa Kaji Ivraimaki (?), members of the council.-1906-07-23
Towards the Supreme Administration of Education. The Lasithiou Ierodikis Moustafas Rahit sends the money received as court taxes from the Holy Court.-1904-01-04; 1906-08-02
ACLGVE00008.jpg.jpgTo the Supreme Directorate of Education. Lasithiou Mouftis informs that the Foundation received 4. 60 Dr as from the taxes in favor of the Court (Dikastika Teli).-1906-12-31
Prefecture (Nomarchy) of Lasithiou)Agios Nikolaos. Towards the Managers of the Public Servises (Dimosies ipiresies) in the Province (Nomos): they are informed that law No 598 which refered to reducing the salary of the employees will not be applyed any more.-1906-01-28
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