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ACLGVP00006.jpg.jpgLasithiou Mouftis Moustafa Rahit informs Lasithiou Prefect that the Secretary of the Foundation needed to go to Agios Nikolaos and therefore he allowed him to be absent from work for 6 days.-1910-06-19
ACLGVM00019.jpg.jpgAsakir-i Şahane için Volizimi ve Yenişehir ahalisi tarafından verilen iane defteri. [Mart 1302]-1886-03
ACLGVP00004.jpg.jpgThe Lasithi (Lasithiou) Mouftis Mustafa Rahit informs the Prefect of Lasithi that when he took a month off the Directorate of Education decided to cut it from his salary.-1904-08-04
The Lasithi (Lasithiou) Mouftis Mustafa Rahit sends to the Prefect of Lasithi a salary list of the people working at the Foundation.-1904-04-30; 1911-09-01
Lasithiou Mouftis Moustafa Rahit sends to the Prefect a salary list of the people working at the Foundation.-1905-05-31; 1910-08-01
Lasithiou Mayor is asked to lease for 4 years through auction some of the Evkaf lands.-1904-09-17
ACLGVE00003.jpg.jpgThe Superior Directorate of Education of the Kingdom of Greece informs Hebki Arnaoutaki that according to the order No 153/ 9 September 1911 he is appointed Secretary of the Lasithi (Lasithiou) Holy Court (Ierodikio).-1911-09-10
ACLGVE00007.jpg.jpgThe Lasithi (Lasithiou) Mouftis Mustafa Rahit sends the Superior Directorate of Education a list of the money that the Holy Court received during August 1904.-1904-09-18
ACLGVDIV00003.jpg.jpgNote of the Nomarch of Lasithiou to the Muslim Council of Elders accompanying the dispatchment of the decision of the prefecture No.257/1912.-1912-10-03
ACLGVDIV00010.jpg.jpgThe Director of the Muslim Foundations sends Lasithiou Prefect copies of some documents.-1903; 1904
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